The set of real numbers is a universal set of integers, rational numbers, irrational numbers. Now coming back to real life examples of set, we have seen that in kitchen, If we take vehicles in to consideration then in vehicles we have many types i.e, many subset that can be formed from the main set vehicles. Animals are a subset of living things. For e.g. Plants are a subset of living things. As we all know that there are millions of galaxies present in our world which are separated … The set of living things is very big: it has a lot of subsets. 2. For example, something like “W is the set of the colors of all the houses on your block” (which is a set with a finite number of elements) or perhaps “Y is the set of all the numbers in the Fibonacci sequence” (which is a set … Universe. It may be a finite or infinite set. Depending upon the context, the universal set is decided. Human beings are a subset of animals. This is the set which is the base for every other set formed. A set is For example: 1. All the other sets are the subsets of the Universal set. The vehicles are classified into few subsets such as car , truck, bus, train, scooter, bike etc.. Subsets, Proper Subsets, Number of Subsets, Subsets of Real Numbers, notation or symbols used for subsets and proper subsets, how to determine the number of possible subsets for a given set, Distinguish between elements, subsets and proper subsets, with video lessons, examples and step-by … An area of intersection is then defined which contains all the common elements. Few of them are as follows: vehicles, food and stationary etc. whether an object belongs, or does not belong to a set of objects whish has been described in some non-ambiguous way. It’s also possible to define a set by describing it in words. 3. Subset intersection:sometimes, various sets are different but share some common elements. For example, we have a set of girls and another set of people who wear glasses. It is represented by U. Since there are girls who wear glasses, they form part of t… set theory by taking real life examples. Before we define subset, we need to refresh ourselves on what a set is. Set theory starts very simple; it only examines one thing i.e. Our life is composed of various subset examples.

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