You can either replace the entire garage opener unit with the latest smartest model which costs hundreds for materials and labor time, or diy installing an add-on adapter that will turn your dummy garage opener unit to a slightly more gifted one –which costs only about $50. Mobile Legends: Hero Counters Guide to stop Severe Feedings. As for the sensor itself, first do your best to find the center line of the door and an open location on top of it. If you don't need a smart plug with dual outlets, the Geeni Indoor/Outdoor smart plug works well and is a good option. I already have a Meross Garage door opener, but am adding one for our gate, way out front, and searched for any updates. Here’s How. Complicated setup, especially without the signal control cable like Meross’ that is hard-wired to the jumpers. An angled plug may give you some issues, as it could potentially block the second outlet. Works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Allows for the creation of smart routines, Dual plugs that can be controlled independently. Sensor wire is too long. This plug sticks out instead of angling down, meaning my outlet cover couldn't close over it, but that also means that it didn't block the second outlet. They are also U.S based hence the chance of some foreign third-world country spying on the status of your garage door is mathematically low. Many users have found ways to make this adapter work with incompatible garage opener units, be sure to check that out if it’s your case. Credit: Reviewed / Sarah Kovac, Geeni GN-OW101-101 Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug, GE 14284 Z-Wave Plus On/Off Smart Lighting Control Outdoor Module, 10 smart home gadgets that make living in quarantine easier, The Best Smart Outdoor Security Cameras of 2020, The Best Smart Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors, The Best Tech Products for Back-to-School, 7 tips for staying safe during space heater season. Sounds similar and practically the same product, except for the Meross socket, it is 16A, where Refoss is 15A like Wemo. If you need two outlets, you'll be much happier with the Meross. On another note, I have to find a way to stop this from happening again or I’m really pushing this marriage. The IOS version of the app is more impressive, as it connects with HomeKit and can, therefore, control every HomeKit-enabled smart item in your house. No guest access. Then screw in the top part to a wood beam, and use the included double-sided tape for the other part where it goes on the garage door. The wire, the sensor must stay out the way of anything that moves. Now once you have reached the final screen, time to get out a ladder and a drill for more serious business. Previously, she worked with a multitude of outlets such as Wirecutter, TIME, PCMag, Prevention, The Atlantic,, CNN, GOOD, Upworthy,, and SheKnows. Our test outlet had a cover very similar to this one and it has withstood many years of abuse and strong Midwestern thunderstorms and snowstorms. We're dealing with electricity here, so don't push your luck. It offers an on/off switch for the plug as well as a programmable timer, and it does have a button called "usage," but if you tell it will just tell you "this device does not have this function." Knew it. Run the app on your phone so you can see the status every time you open or close the door. What You Should Know About Outdoor Smart Plugs. The Meross adapter also includes a white test wire (shown in photo above) that allows you to check for compability, but that’s a step too far into this project to determine whether thing will work out or not. It’s very similar to a typical window/door alarm sensor in the smart security kit we reviewed the other day. The iHome Outdoor Smart Plug is a solid little spark plug, but it lacks some of the features of the others we tested. It’s a solid little plug and a good value for the price. Secured. “Though you can walk through the registration again to create another account for each person, that’s quite an inconvenience” can you elaborate it? After that’s done, you will be able to control the device via any wireless networks your phone connects to. Smart Wi-Fi Plug. Runs via power from the outlet and not battery. Aside from the fact that it doesn't have dual outlets, we really have no complaints. Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Kasa’s WiFi outdoor plug feels durable, doesn't require a hub, and has a wireless range of more than 300 feet. Did I ever close the garage door honey??”. The two parts sit next to each other under normal condition. I’ve had the one for the garage for almost 2 years (?) So, there are couple ways to do this. Previously, she worked as a freelance writer for several major outlets and as an associate editorial producer for ABC News' Good Morning America. All Rights Reserved. Meaning the adapter does not automatically close the door for you if you are away from home. If you're looking for a good outdoor smart plug that's a pleasure to operate and can accommodate more than one item being plugged in at a time, the Meross won't disappoint. The app walks you thru connecting the device to your WiFi and also each step of the hardware install. The old account still works in our test. Don’t let the open wires intimidate you, the assembly is very easy and straight forward. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I was nervous if something could be missing from such little estate of a package it is. You can also use electrical tape if you have one laying around, but those tend to lose adhesive in extreme cold weather. This plug is very responsive, easy to use during set up and testing, and we love that we could see at a glance whether both outlets are turned on thanks to prominent indicator lights. I wanted to see if anyone here […] But if you’re not looking for automation, this plug is good enough at being turned off and on from a phone. Well said Luis. The next step is mostly cable management. Battery-powered bluetooth sensor meaning it’d be extremely inconvenient when it’s out of juice or gets signal interference. The thought of having electricity-sucking decorations plugged in all the time doesn't sound like the most affordable decision, but I hoped that outdoor smart plugs might be a good way to keep energy consumption to a minimum. As far as I know, there will be an auto close feature in the next Nov 2019 update. Anyway, I was afraid the sensor wire wasn’t long enough, but after I laid it out on the railing I realized it’s almost triple the length I needed. MSS110HK / MSS110 US/JP. Worst case scenario, you just have to buy a new house. There is only one admin account for the device which makes it difficult to share with other members in the family. It does have a really nice outlet cover for when it is not being used, so that's something. If you are not sure, use a tiny double-sided tape for both parts then manually open and close the garage door to test for any problems first. This function is only applicable on desktop/laptop PCs. Just about every house on our block is covered in Christmas lights, every lawn is littered with reindeer, and it's honestly a little intimidating. However with an open minded POV, I believe some of the options listed below may work just as well and could potentially save you more money. MSS310 EU/UK/FR/AU. The settings tab contains frequently asked questions, troubleshooting, online supports, and videos, so there’s plenty of help getting the plug up and running, but the app just feels far from intuitive.

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