The weather in Houston is hot most of the year. Please contact the school for more details. Rice University is an amazing place, even with intense academics. It does rain like crazy though in the fall so make sure you have rain boots and a rain jacket/umbrella. There is very little grade inflation like they have at the ivies so your gpa will be tough. Do your best to take AP Chem and get a 4/5 on the Ap exam so you don't have to take that class at Rice. The residential college system really helps you meet lots of interesting people who are always open to help you out or to just chat. There are lots of opportunities to get involved with your interests and it’s also academically flexible, so you aren’t locked into any certain field/major. On top of all that, the campus is absolutely breathtaking. 7 answers, What's the most frustrating thing about your school? background: white; You meet all the freshmen in your house and it's just a blast. They represent a wide range of ethnicities, so you'll never feel singled out -- we have clubs for almost all ethnicities. I think Rice harbors a great community for anyone who has a desire to further their education. Terms of Use | The people that I work with are also extremely nice and friendly. Plus, for most classes, there are TAs for each residential college, so you can always get help if you need it. According to Rice, "The strengths of each student will be assessed and their potential will be developed in a four-year comprehensive, custom-made plan of classroom instruction, hands-on, real-world experience and guidance from personal coaches." ( or boo depending on if you want that) Company Overview Locations FAQ. 14 answers, What kind of person should attend this school? Weather- never too cold, coldest it's been last year (2015/16) is around 60 Farenheit. 53 answers, Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate? Lol more like freshman 30 if you're not careful. Academics- obviously fantastic. For instance, there are traditions I thought were weird and wasn't a huge fan of (i.e., O-Week, Baker 13, Beer Bike, Room Jack, etc.) A few months into freshman you will recognize a lot of people on your way to classes and get a lot of high fives which feels pretty cool. .menuargus ul { Plus, if you ever change your mind about adopting a leadership role, you can always take on one within an existing organization or create your own club. I am so happy I came here. 7 answers, What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year? Is this stereotype accurate? I think online learning is pretty great. ON THIS TOUR. Basically they spend the entire week teaching you to love your house and hate all the other houses. From there, take a taxi to campus. One tip: don't take General Chemistry here by all means. Because it is still new however not many ppl know it so don't expect everyone to say "WOW" when you tell them you go to Rice. Rice is really a special place. StudentsReview ™, All Rights Reserved. The Center for Career Development offers résumé reviews, mock interviews, and internship and externship exploration for any student by appointment. Some residential colleges emphasize double rooms with a private bathroom, others have suite set ups with shared bathrooms. 52 answers, Here's your chance: Say anything about your college! When I first got to Rice, I'll be honest, it was nothing like how I expected it to be, and not in a good way. Also, the university made profs take training programs in online instruction and pedagogy specific to virtual learning so that they will be more prepared for the upcoming semester(s), which will be heavy on virtual learning. Turn right on Main St. and make an immediate right turn into the main campus gate. The University follows the same mindset and it is assumed everyone thinks the same. Glassdoor has 706 Rice University reviews submitted anonymously by Rice University employees. 8 answers, What is the stereotype of students at your school? I am a bioengineering student and I love it! Rice has a small undergraduate population so it is very easy to meet people. On the other hand, O-Week is really artificial and is not a good indicator on how every week at Rice will be. In addition, they created good content to learn from through worksheets, prerecorded lectures, and zoom meetings. Total number of bachelor's degree programs offered online or through distance education. Why? 1.2k Salaries. The residential college system is great; as a transfer student or incoming freshmen, upperclassmen, magisters, RA's, and HRF's are there to welcome you into their college. I have never been to Rice University, but I have heard much about it. I love Rice. Niche requires Javascript to work correctly. When classes were moved online, it was hard on everyone, students and teachers alike. Students are encouraged to learn about a variety of issues and advocate for what is important to them. College offers distance education courses. display: table-cell !important; Parties. Usually you stay in the college for your entire time at Rice. 76 Inter­views. The emphasis is on collaboration: students are “incredibly supportive and encouraging” and “truly care about each other’s intellectual and emotional growth,” which helps Rice “foster positivity” and “inclusivity,” “especially helpful” in an academically rigorous environment. For reasons, I won't go into here because I have already made this review my dissertation, the class is absolutely, completely, the worst experience of almost every student to take the class. No Reviews - Be the First! In fact, many undergraduates we surveyed cited student leadership opportunities as one of the biggest strengths of the university. I love Rice University because of the people who are on the campus. Although some are specifically designated for a particular college, you are welcome to eat at any of them. He truly wanted each student to succeed in their professional pursuits. ), 7 of the Best Situational Interview Questions. or within distance of city. The experience is great , the view is amazing, and the food is spectacular. Our websites do not provide, nor are they intended to provide, a comprehensive list of all schools (a) in the United States (b) located in a specific geographic area or (c) that offer a particular program of study. A collaborative and inclusive environment for research and tudies. I was attracted by the rankings and infrastructure of this university. 9 answers, What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school? I first heard of Rice University when they sent me an ad through email. The name sucks to be honest, it is a food. Hottest is around 90 Farenheit. These Rice University video reviews share the culture and daily life of students both on and off campus. Many industry job opportunities in the city. .menu_container{ One drunk 6'2 man picked me up and dropped me to the concrete b...”. 10 answers, What kind of person should not attend this school? 18 answers, What's unique about your campus? Test Scores and High School GPA for Rice University See Other Colleges. Good thing is there are never drugs going around or being put in people's drinks so don't worry about that. This makes the professors extremely accessible. Simply put, the perfect education. 18 Photos. 15 answers, What do you consider the worst thing about your school? I fit right in and no one is afraid to be a little quirky. 6 answers, Tell us about the sports scene on campus. I would love to attend the school sometime in the future. Need more cafeteria facility for grads, Collaborative, cutting-edge research, very good graduate program, Really cannot think of any. 53 answers, What is the stereotype of students at your school? Add a Review. We value what known as a "culture of care," and I believe this makes us unique from all other elite schools. Why? What one word or phrase best describes your school?

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