Saitama currently has no known way of being beaten. So then, from what you've just described, it's a stalemate bc Flash can't hurt Saitama while Saitama can't hit Flash. I have been reading Manga and Watching Anime from more than a 15 Years and that has kept me busy and now this. Why would he want to get stronger? And king keeps beating him with better type matchups and actual combos in fighting games. And his feats prove that. Flash seems impressed with himself as "That Man's" techniques proved useful this time around whilst Tanktop Master is astounded by the strength and finesse his fellow S-Class hero showed during the battle. At the same time, Sonic wants to challenge Saitama again, but is confronted by Genos. The Cruel Dragon appears, ready to destroy the world, and Saitama defeats it in a single punch as usual. One day his mask was destroyed, and Sweet Mask learned that his face had transformed over time and become beautiful. by reacting twice on this thread with the same answer before you've gone with your current statement shows much on what you know and if nobody was going to argue with it, you would have gone a third or a fourth reply here saying the same opinion. Blue has a short flashback to earlier, when he was following Saitama and Sweet Mask. (Like Jack o' Lantern Panic is to Speed o' Sound Sonic). They explain that the leader of the Ninja Village has finally awoken after being put into a coma fifteen years ago by Blast, and it is now time to get revenge on both Blast and Flashy Flash. Blizzard attacks Saitama with her psychic powers but doesn't seem to hurt him, and even patronizes her about being a hero. Both being at the same level as Flashy Flash, the fight between them will get intense after every attack. As the other members of the name victims crew vacate the premises. And that is why Bang is rank 3 while Shoulderblade Crush is rank 13. Tanktop Master holds his regular Tank Top meeting to find some members have left or been hospitalized. Since morals are off (based upon this being a fight to the death), I deduced that Flash would just phase his organs out before he even realized what was happening. The One Punch Man fanbase has the most impressive feats of all. Flashy Flash then attempts to leave Saitama behind, but he's unable to shake his new friend. Flashy Flash, determined to make Saitama his disciple and unleash his full potential, visits Saitama's apartment where Saitama is playing video games with King. If Flash defeats him, Saitama will become his disciple, but if Saitama can land even one hit in thirty minutes, Flash will have to leave him alone. Fubuki leaves with Psykos in tow and tells the heroes she knows nothing about the rubble from Saitama and Tatsumaki's battle. Child Emperor admires the effectiveness of the battle suits, but worries because he once saw a similar design in Metal Knight's lab. RELATED: Dragon Ball: Why Isn't Gohan the Protagonist Anymore? Eventually, Genos located the Sea King who just took down four heroes and attempts to stop him from destroying the shelter with civilians inside. But he restricts himself to "Normal" punches, sometimes ramping up to Serious versions of those punches, because he's trying to make the fight more fair so it could be more exciting. Doing it nearly killed him and states if he ever goes that fast again he may never be able to come back. Hence, Genos also refuses to join the Neo Heroes. only Bang recognized that he had no need for it. Then a mysterious robot chases down Hammerhead and thinks he kills him. u/GodNonon.

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