7 November, 20xx More and more people will come to read the notice. You are Natrqj, School Captain of Holy Child School, Indore. make the notice as informative and compelling as possible. Important details 5. Exercise Answer: March 3, 2017 Use your imagination to elaborate as you wish, to make the notice Here we have given CBSE Class 7 English Email Writing. As the marking scheme for notice writing, the name of organization, “NOTICE,” heading and date as well as the content and language is equivalent to 2 marks. You purchased a colour television from M/s Diamond Electronics, Bhagirath Palace, New Delhi. Write an e-mail to your cousin advising him how to … You are the Cultural Secretary of your school. Meenakshi Students who solve these sample papers get good practice before the exam and could able to sit for the exam more confidently. This is a very essential step as anyone who has any questions or queries regarding the notice could contact the authority directly. Any delay or wrong information will lead to disqualification of the student. Students of classes VI to VIII can participate in it. Question 1. Assignment – Your name is Pat Miller and you are a community – Practice writing notices using the information below. They must be written clearly and easy to understand, otherwise they defeat their own purpose. Mention date and name/designation of the issuing authority. Answer: 1st June 2016 As the Art Teacher of Ganga Public SChools prepare a notice informing students about the same, giving the relevant details. Your co-operation is needed to make this fete a grand success. A school inspection will be held on 25th February, 20xx by the Director of the school. Answer: November 3, 20xx Question 5. I shall be highly obliged. You can mention the reason for the notice in the heading. However, how do you write these announcements or notices? It is publicly displayed — a kind of information for others to know and follow: 1. the events described below. It can also be used to locate lost property. Write out a notice inviting students who want to join the tour. All the students of the school are requested to be particularly careful on the occasion. Those who want to participate may submit their names to me by 18th September. – Fill out the form for the following event. will help to clean up the school premises. discipline in order to keep up the good reputation of our school and live up to the expectations of our teachers and principal. The interested students should see the science teacher with their ideas on or before 10th March, 2017. A painting competition will be organised for the students of classes VI to VIII, to celebrate the Children’s Day. College, Indore. Question 5. Answer: Question 7. The Principal has invited all the teachers and the students to participate in the fete. Relevant details not included in the questions is acceptable to add. The school has decided to organise a fete in the school playground on 10th and 11th October, 20xx. Bokaro. An Inter-school Basketball match will be played between the teams of our school and Delhi Public School on our school playground on 25th December at 4 p.m. onwards. I, Sachin of Class VII A, have lost my library book named ‘Stories for Children’ during the recess on 2nd November, 20xx. School Fair Notice © English Worksheets Land . Draft a notice, intimidating the students about the same and ask them to be prepared for this inspection. 5 December, 20xx —Head Boy. Our locality has been lock down for 21 days due to covid 19 apedemic. You must mention the title at the top after you have mentioned the name of the authority. Draft a notice, intimidating the students about the same and ask them to be prepared for this inspection. Notices are often used to communicate a message to many people. The District Education Officer will visit the school for inspection on 10th November 20xx. Draft a notice to be put up on the school noticeboard information students about it. Class VII. Watch out for the latest updates on NCERT Solutions, CBSE Sample Papers, RS Aggarwal Solutions and all resources that we share regularly on CBSETuts.com for K12 Students. The principal has asked you to write a notice about this fete inviting the students and the teachers to participate in it. Meenakshi is the Sports Captain of Navodaya School. The Internet began in the Eighties. Writing So there is no need to worry.

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