So, the guilt and regret for your action(s) may be haunting you more often. I would love to investigate more of this topic to discover what others are seeing around the world. Number in real-time. Many people that have experienced this testified that whenever a relative appeared in their dreams after along time, they always experienced a lot of changes in their lives in connection with what they shared with the deceased. I am humbily asking for your prayers brothers and sisters. Hillary & Kaine are killed (coordinated, false flag event) by a “Trump supporter/conservative/Christian/gun owner” (a patsy chosen by the CIA or FBI, likely a mind-control victim like the other false flags) but in actuality, Hillary & Kaines really just disappear to their underground bases. Enjoy this moment and feel blessed. has been ongoing for the past 7 1/2 years. In a separate dream, I saw a woman in charge of confiscating weapons from the American people. Take care! Remember, once in office, he’ll always be called President. There…, Patrick, Thank you so much for shifting the focus from our thus far small and even relatively sundry concerns and putting it on our brethren in so many parts of the world, who suffer GREATLY for follo…, Reading Firm Believers comment re the Astra Zeneca vaccination -contents.14 week old male fetus etc.. is just so disgusting & horrific.. Disgusting what these evil Health officials ,politicians Ph…. It is normal and okay for this to happen since replacing some people can be very difficult especially if you two were close. As a result, you may have been thinking about the wrongs that you did to the deceased more often. Your subconscious mind retrieves the memories and brings the image of the dead person in the dream to satisfy the longing that you have for this person. Which is reason number one to stay put unless God himself indicates a move. If our 2 countries went to war, I wonder what would happen to us. Cultures and religions may interpret this kind of dream differently. This is because we have our physical body and the spirit as well. Rev 6:4 …take peace from the earth, and that people should kill one another… It can’t be a civil war in the US because God is talking to the whole earth and not just the US. I saw the American people were holding onto a false hope that everything would be okay because they were believing lies fed to them through the mainstream news media, which acted as a propaganda machine for the federal government. Anyone who wants to survive should prayerfully consider leaving the country before then because God is warning us those who stay here beyond that time will likely be killed. I saw other events leading up to her return, including a period of great trouble in our nation and President Obama’s departure, but there were no dates given for those events. Secondly, when I read Revelation I see a financial & persecution system that reaches to the ends of the earth- Revelation 13:16 says everyone who wants to buy or sell will be forced to take the mark- small and great, rich and poor, free and slave. I saw the words “the rapture */*/2020” in a recent dream. XVG (Verge) is also spiking and is still very low at 0.00886 USDT value at Bittrex. The subconscious mind then brings his or her image to you in the dream. He has weeks to months before he crosses over to the other side. Word for word exactly how I wrote it down. She will rule as a tyrant with complete power over the people. Or Trump & Pence win the election but they are killed instead of Hillary & Kaine. Some people say or think that the dead are all evil spirits and they do this for the sake of satisfying their desires without any reason. Acts 28:26 Things will not be as they appear and lies will fill the airways. Thus, we need to see in order to fulfill our assignments. Do not worry about the dream, it is a good sign. but nobody paid any attention. I’ve made these mistakes in the past when God convicted me. In 1933, William Branham also saw a woman rise to power in America., This “set up” has been underway for some time now – Some of those can be summarized as follows; Since the ancient and old times in memorial, the best way that the dead try to communicate to the living is through dreams. would love some feedback so that i will stop warning everyone it’s times up…. Glad you liked it. The only way to get rid of these dreams is by fighting all your fears. Not sure if I will be seeing the family tonight… At this point I’m just being led.. Like a tiny boat on the ocean being steered by a emormous wave that is taking me into uncharted waters..,, even though Im tempted to pick up an oar an paddle I realize now that it’s better to just sit back and enjoy and praise the ride. Snake is also a sign of change or transformation. Then I saw President Obama leaving the country under the pretense of a routine trip overseas, but in reality he was leaving permanently because he knew what was coming and because it was time for him to begin his next assignment. Frightening that many people that are not part of this group may actually believe these lies….. so in the dream I turn to the people and tell them to go back to their state and find a president, we have to have a president. Even comes with a cell phone app. Then there is the Church as a Whole body. In fact, they are the ones causing the problems. The problem is that some people just don’t have the gift of interpretation and they force a meaning comparing the dream with other dreams. Just as God has hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge in Christ, He also hides the meaning of dreams, visions, and words as an invitation for us to seek Him for understanding (Proverbs 25:2, Colossians 2:2-3). MattNZ, I don't have a copy of the comments. Bob – Here is an article on top locations to “bug out” in the U.S. Thanks James for your work sent a small donation to help z3 news. The simple prophecy just said a woman would be president period without the extra fluff.

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