The problem I had was that I had to crank my system input volume to 100% (thereby introducing noise into my recordings) in order to meet the audio levels I had with my old Shure MVi at 30%. WANT TO START YOUR OWN PODCAST BUT NEED A LITTLE HELP? Want to start your own podcast but need a little help? Note: Some of the links below are affiliate links which means if you use them to buy products I’ll receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you). If possible, try and avoid rooms with reflective surfaces like tiles, windows or high ceilings. It’s an XLR microphone so you can’t plug it directly into your computer but that doesn’t bother me because I do most of my recording on my Zoom H6. The SRH240A’s run $54 by themselves at Sweetwater. It’s very rugged and reliable, and pretty heavy to boot. Let’s have a listen to the two mics back to back. Shure PGA58. I did a bunch of experiments swapping them on my Mac to identify the issue. I wanted something super simple like the Shure MVi. What’s the difference between USB & XLR microphones? I talked to JF Brissette who is a crazy good audio guy, and he suggested I talk to Kenneth, his contact at Sweetwater. To lower latency! It’s an XLR microphone so you can’t plug it directly into your computer but that doesn’t bother me because I do most of my recording on my Zoom H6. 25 foot (7.5m) Triple-Flex ® Microphone XLR Cable with chrome connectors. I can mute with SoundSource from Rogue Amoeba today if I want, but I have so much already on screen when I’m recording that the idea of keeping SoundSource pinned open too is kind of a non-starter. I went back to Steve’s Mac, repeated the same procedure on his Shure MVi with my phone and now his input is set back to 30% too. He was very patient with me as he explained a lot of the jargon around audio but it was more than I wanted. It’s great for stuff like small live gigs, karaoke, and even studio applications! I did a bunch of the Googles, and couldn’t find anyone else with this problem, but I did find the user manual for the Shure MVi. It talked about how you can control different equalizer, compressor, and limiter settings and they are stored in the hardware of the MVi. The Shure MVi fits in the palm of your hand and does its job beautifully. And that’s when I remembered something I told you way back at the beginning of this story. The sexy UA Arrow has its own software that includes a mute option (along with a lot of high-end capabilities) but I just couldn’t see giving up a physical switch. Because you can have the best microphone in the world but if you’re recording in a toilet it’s going to sound rubbish. Of course his setup was way overkill for me. I have had it set on Lower Latency for as far back as I can remember, but when I slid it up to Better Performance, it seems to have gotten rid of the clicks. To hear this microphone in action check out this episode of a podcast I hosted called Bach Chat (yes, I got paid to talk about the Bachelor). One kind did a true mute, cutting off the signal, but reviewers complained that they made a click when you hit the button. Send me an email. Your email address will not be published. You can find that at… This is a favourite among podcasters, probably because it looks pretty snazzy but also because it produces great sound. Download my “How To Start A Podcast” guide or sign up for my online podcasting course, PodSchool. That’s really not much money to make your audio podcast or even your voice on Zoom sound a lot better to the people who listen to you. But should you buy one? I only ever recommend equipment I’ve used myself or that’s been recommended to me by podcasters I trust so this hasn’t impacted my decision to feature these products. If you’re podcasting in your home office or loungeroom these mics aren’t going to be great because they’ll pick up a lot more background noise. Can any of the mics you listed be connected to a phone if I want to do a video podcast? While the UA Arrow does cost nearly 4X the price of the Shure MVi, it is the prettiest little thing. It comes with a Micro USB to Lightning cable for iPhones and you can download the free ShurePlus MOTIV recording software both iOS and Android. These mics are also great to take out on the road and I’ve recorded interviews for my show, You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere in hotel rooms and echoey spaces and the result has been fab. And then I thought maybe I should test it on Steve’s computer to definitely eliminate all other variables. 5/8" to 3/8" Thread Adapter. The second almost as important job it does is that it gives me a mute switch. article that explained how I bought two Shure SM58S microphones for use as road mics with my Zoom H4n Pro. Hey Elijah! This often isn’t the kind of space most podcasters are recording in. How do your download numbers compare to other podcasts? I have been giving some of my friends a hard time for their poor quality audio (like Rod Simmons of the SMR podcast for example), but it’s hard to be too rough on them when they can’t get good equipment. This is the microphone I’ve used for years and will continue to use because I think it’s excellent. These give a “richer” sound, which sounds like it would be better but actually, these microphones work best in a soundproof environment. get a Thunderbolt 2 interface, because if I was upgrading, I might as well go to Thunderbolt 3. The full recording kit I’m going to tell you about costs $200, so only $70 more than the Shure MVi interface by itself. When I sat down to play at his Mac, I noticed he had the input on his existing Shure MVi set to 100%! The final piece of the kit is a set of Shure SRH240A headphones. Your podcast microphone is one of the single biggest influencers on the quality of your recording so it’s important to choose a good one. I hadn’t bookmarked the Shure MVi so I searched again at Sweetwater for the Shure MVi, and that’s when I stumbled across the Shure Digital Recording kit I mentioned at the very beginning. But if you’re using your AirPods because you don’t own a grown-up microphone, maybe you should consider a different alternative. This is the podcast microphone I pack with me when I’m travelling and I don’t want to take my full kit. That model number might sound a tiny bit familiar to you. Unfortunately, they tended to be overkill for what I needed. 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