The image is tagged Saints. Donatello has a partnership with Michelozzo and they collaborated on a series of works, including the tomb of Pope John XXIII. Donatello was still a relatively young artist when he sculptured St John but already he was making his influence felt by transitioning from the predominating International Gothic style towards Naturalism and in doing so anticipating Michelangelo. St. John the Evangelist is an Italian Renaissance Marble Sculpture created by Donatello from 1408 to 1415. He is regarded as the founder of modern sculpture and was the first to sculpt in bronze; the first to produce a nude since the Classical Era. It lives at the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo in Italy. Get it as soon as Tue, Jul 7 It is clear that the subject is a man of great importance. St. John the Evangelist. He is referred to as the "beloved disciple". Now, if you were going to represent one of Christ's apostles in marble, this is surely the way to do it and at 210cm, its effect is strong and immediate. 800 W. Baker Road, Baytown, TX 77521-2311 281-837-8180 Office Hours (M-F) 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. John Eynon → Saints Gifts by Catholic Online Shopping. never waivered his support for the Lord. Continue reading about St. John the Evangelist ← St. John Eudes; Bl. When you just can't decide which wonderful gift to buy. John and outlived all the other apostles. St. John the Evangelist Statue 3.5" [RM40664], St. John the Evangelist Statue - 8 1/2 inches [GSS023], St. John the Baptist Bronzed Resin Statue - 9.5 Inches [GSCH1125], Saint John the Baptist Pewter Statue 4 Inch [HRST964], Saint John Paul II 9 Inch High Statue [CBST087], Saint John the Evangelist Pewter Statue 4 Inch [HRST470]. These works followed the more traditional presentational mores; St John was different. He is regarded as the most influential artist of the 15th Century, influencing almost every painter and sculptor that came after him, particularly those working in Florence and Padua. Donatello, in his presentation of John as a wise old man, departed from this tradition. Website powered by, Home  |  Help/FAQ  |  Contact Us  |  About Us  |  Track Your Order Catholic Faith Store All rights reserved. Visitors to the Museo dell' Opera del Duomo in Florence can gaze up in awe at Donatello’s over-life-sized sculpture of St John the Evangelist. The Byzantine tradition was to portray John as a beardless youth and these early depictions are redolent of works depicting Socrates. It began a shift in the artistic climate away from Gothic Mannerism and towards naturalism. Donatello's commission in respect of St John the Evangelist was one of a number, with the resulting works destined to be positioned in and around the Cathedral. One can also start to see the development of perspective. It is in his early works, such as, St John the Evangelist, that he starts to break away from the iconography of Gothic Internationalism and introduce greater realism and the depiction of human emotion as can be seen in the life-like face of the dead Christ in Crucifixion, created, some scholars believe, at about the same time as St John the Evangelist. Now, if you were going to represent one of Christ's apostles in marble, this is surely the way to do it and at 210cm, its effect is strong and immediate. Annual Christmas Giving Tree: This time of the year is filled with thoughts of gifts to be shared. It is clear that the subject is a man of great importance. He worked with Brunelleschi and Michellozzo on the tomb of Bartolemo Aragazzi and his statue of the military leader Gatemelata on his horse, set the standard for future equestrian sculptures and directly influenced Andrea del Verrocchio. That can be seen clearly in Donatello's earlier work David, sculptured in marble in 1408-1409 (not to be confused with the later more controversial bronze produced in the 1440s). $84.00. Shop with confidence. No one knows exactly when the statue was created; 1410-1411 are popular options, although invoices for the work dated as late as 1415 have been found. In addition to “repoussoir,” Donatello was a pioneer of a number of techniques, including Figura Serpentinata, which attempts to create the appearance of movement in stone. 4.6 out of 5 stars 11. International Gothic blended Late Gothic and Early Renaissance idioms of decoration and ornament but with pictorial representations that appeared flat due to the lack of perspective. Saint John the Evangelist Bronze Finish Statue - 8-1/2 inches tall. FREE Shipping. To compensate for this, Donatello deployed his knowledge of perspective, elongating the torso and shortening the legs whilst creating a 3-D “repoussoir” effect around the hands, making them appear, as one commentator said, like the image on a View-Master slide. Please call the office with your RSVP by Friday, December 18, 2020.

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