Which army do you collect? This set has the following: 1 Herald on Blood Throne; 3 Bloodcrushers; 10 Bloodletters ; All the units are useful in 8th, so it’s a good starter set for lovers of Khorne. So the box is a good value, but you probably won’t want to double up on it, given that you’ll need more Genestealers and not multiple Broodlords and probably not multiple Mawlocs. Generally speaking, mortals come in bigger numbers, while daemons are more elite but you don’t have as many of them. Most of their mortal wounds come exclusively from characters, Bloodthirsters, or their prayers (Which I will remind you, are absolutely not spells). This means a frankly absurd number of attacks. On top of that you got the mass numbers to swarm the board and lots of blood tithes for you if they die! You can also get by pretty well without the units in this box however, so it’s also not particularly necessary to buy. This battalion will allow the wrathmongers to be able to pile in and attack again if they are near the skullgrinder. I’d argue daemons get a lot more mileage in AOS right now than 40k, but it’s always nice to have the option. But an addition to the 'Bad, but workable' list in the CSM section: Chosen. Still, most of the units are at least passable to good, and it’s quite a hefty chunk of points, too. Some of them are a fantastic start to an army, and some of them almost are an army – the Chaos Space Marines box especially is something that could form the core of a 1,000pt list quite happily. As a running theme in these lists, we try and stick to multiple small units (sometimes abbreviated as MSU) because Blood Tithes are granted based on units killed, so the more units you have, no matter the size, the more you’ll generate if they die. If mortals sound more your style you have the Khorne Bloodbound Goreblade Warband. You can buy like 2 or 3 of these and be pretty set for a while. This also means your ability to stop your opponent from casting is limited as well, though you do have a few answers to that. Bear in mind you don’t have to use Goretide if you don’t want to but you will have to downgrade Korghos to a normal Mighty Lord of Khorne, as without Goretide his command abilities don’t work. It’s actually better £/model than Orks. Korghos Khul is lord of the Goretide, but we’re not letting him be in charge because then you don’t get a command trait. Every act of killing or murder in the material universe feeds and empowers Khorne; the more senseless and destructive, the better. The big downside is that because Ahriman is a named character, you don’t really want more than one of these. Enterprising modelers can repurpose the Herald of Khorne from the Blood Throne to make this a 4-model kit with a Skullcannon and Bloodmaster, which gives the kit a little bit more value. Start Collecting Warhammer 40,000 For new players, starting an army can be daunting: There are tons of different army boxes and deals out there, and figuring out how to build an army can be a paralyzing experience for players who want to expand but don’t want to throw money away on bad units or weapon options they won’t use. Yep, even if your own guys died, for Khorne cares not from where the blood flows only that it does! The Start Collecting boxes are a diverse bunch. Why do you need tokens? A starter that’s a little more about unique Space Wolves units. If you’re wondering what an Exalted Seeker Chariot is, it’s just two Seeker Chariots slammed together. There are some really standout units, Bloodthirsters, your Greater Daemons, are some of the best heavy hitters in all of Age of Sigmar, but in general Khorne units are an untrained lot who only care about violence and not so much about the training to get there. The contents aren’t terrible however and if you’re building an Ork horde you’re going to need savings wherever you can get them. If mortals sound more your style you have the, If daemons are more your speed, you can get the, Wrath of Khorne Bloodthirster (General) (300), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Competitive Innovations in 9th: Varbergs GT, incredibly official Goonhammer store on RebBubble. Let us know on social media or at Contact@goonhammer.com, age of Sigmar blades of khorne Getting Started Khorne warhammer age of sigmar, ©  2020 Goonhammer. No magic either, Khorne hates magic! As a Starting Thousand Sons player, you want all of these models in your army, and the savings on this box are pretty great. Built using WordPress. Which is great because when wrathmongers die they ALSO pile in and attack before they die. It’s still a great boxed set to start building off of, but some of the savings are mitigated by the fact that you probably won’t want a Tech-Priest Dominus in your army. GAMES WORKSHOP 99129915027 Start Collecting Daemons of Khorne Tabletop and Miniature Gaming Brand: Games Workshop. Tech-priest Dominuses have fallen out of favor recently, which is a shame because Ad Mech still field Vanguard and Rangers on a regular basis to fill out Battalions and the Dunecrawler is a legitimately good unit that sees lots of competitive play. The most dubious unit in the set is the Burning Chariot, but depending on how you want to roll, you can use the Exalted Flamer from it separately instead. You have 3 slaughterpriests so bring all 3 judgements and really ruin your opponents day. Also thanks to Goonhammer reader Ian Donovan for pointing out that, in a pinch, you can build your Thunderwolf Cavalry as Wolf Lords or Battle Leaders on Thunderwolves, giving you 3 more HQs in the box to play with (and enough Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields to go around), giving it some versatiliy. The only weak point here is Watch Captain Artemis – like Ahriman in the Thousand Sons box, you’re probably only going to want one of this guy, although he’s good fodder for conversion into something else especially with the array of options on the Deathwatch Kill Team sprues (and upgrade sprue!) Overall a solid value and an OK start for a Space Wolves army, though we suspect most Space Wolves players would prefer to see Wulfen in here. Are you someone that says “man screw strategy I just wanna run at them and hit em!” Well then this is the list you wanna do and it’s hella good.The battalion makes it so after one Bloodthirster has fought they can then pick one bloodthirster 3 inches near them and they immediately fight, not giving your opponent a chance to react back. Start Collecting! Savings wise it’s decent over RRP (we assumed that the HWT cost 1/3rd of the regular box). Tactical Marines just don’t have much value when you’d rather run Scouts or Intercessors, the Terminator Captain doesn’t bring much to the table when you have other, more mobile, better-equipped, cheaper options, and the Venerable Dreadnought is only OK. You’re better off skipping this one for the Marine half of the Dark Imperium Starter. The Craftworlds box is extremely weird. This looks like a gimmick list but no! Since then, The campaign book Wrath of the Everchosen has debuted, which contains a few new subfactions for Khorne, You really don’t need it immediately out of the gate, but it’s something to look into down the line if you feel limited by your choice of subfactions. Mortal cultists and daemons alike, these followers of Khorne seek to embody their god in the best way they know how, with a lot of blood and violence. Great Article, as always - Goonhammer is really one of the best sources for Competitive 40k. So while Khorne might seem simple, it requires a suprisingly tactical mind to coordinate your auras and blessing to maximize damage output.

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