This is done by pulling the string through the keyhole and then pulling it clockwise underneath and back over itself; creating a knot. Figured id release my measurements on my 6 string. String height according to the setup guide from Gibson custom Shop: From the top of the 12th fret to the bottom of the string, the approximate measurements will be 3/64” (1.2mm) for the high E string, and 5/64” (2mm) for the low E string. Stratocaster guitars can have four distinctive types of bridges. In order to measure the height of your guitar’s strings, you should have either a ruler, a feeler gauge, or a specialized string action gauge. Use the two pivot adjustment screws to achieve the desired overall string height. Double that measurement to find the scale length of your guitar. Most Fender guitars and basses are equipped with a standard truss rod (of which there are in turn two types: one that adjusts at the neck heel and one that adjusts at the headstock; both operate on the same principle). I setup mine by capo on 1st and fretting at the 12th then measuring at the 7th fret. If you prefer a bridge flush to the body, adjust spring tension to equal string tension, while the bridge rests on the body (you may want to put an extra 1/2 turn to each claw screw to ensure that the bridge remains flush to the body during string bends). Adjustment at headstock (allen wrench): Sight down the edge of the fingerboard from behind the headstock, looking toward the body of the instrument. Proceed with the fifth and sixth saddles with the same method used for strings two and three. Shimming is a procedure used to adjust the pitch of the neck in relation to the body. The way they set it up at the factory? Adjustments should be made after all of the above have been accomplished. Check each string at the 12th fret, harmonic to fretted note (make sure you are depressing the string evenly to the fret, not the fingerboard). Right, 'Standard' will vary from person-to-person. For Sale: Bass Guitar Strings and Accessories, The TB Bazaar: Gear For Sale from our Sponsors, For Sale: Double Bass Amps, Strings & Accessories, Wanted: Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories, Wanted: Double Basses, Amps & Accessories, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. A stronger metal will always attack a softer metal (this is why a stainless-steel string will wear a groove or burr in a vintage-style saddle). 4/64th of an inch is roughly 1.68 mm.... go from there. The other three are the American Series bridge, which is a modern-day two-pivot bridge; the non-tremolo hardtail bridge; and a locking tremolo, such as the American Deluxe or Floyd Rose® locking tremolos. First, remove the tremolo back cover. sethstratman: ok, so 1/16" = 4/64" = 1.587mm (1.5mm). String height or action describes the distance between the top of your frets to the bottom of your strings. The distance will vary according to the amount of magnetic pull from the pickup. The ideal string height according to most guitar makers and players is about 3mm for the high E string (plus or minus about .5mm) and about 4mm for the low E string … If flat, shorten the string by moving the saddle forward. Check your tuning, then re-check the gap with the feeler gauge and re-adjust as needed. Another factor is metal-to-metal friction and fatigue. For example, If the second string is .011" (0.3 mm), you would move the second-string saddle back .011" (0.3 mm) from the first saddle. If you plan to change string gauges, you may need to adjust the specs somewhat to compensate for the changes in string sizes. 1,574 3. Adjust bridge saddles to the height according to the chart, then re-tune. Aldo Nova Les Paul - a LP with an Explorer headstock. >I was just wondering what is considered a perfect string height at the 12th fret< The heights being discussed would drive me nuts. This can be attributed to the moisture and acidity that transfers from your hands, or it can be a direct effect of humidity in the air. - how old is this? Remember, guitars are tempered instruments! For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. How often should I have a set-up adjustment done on my instrument? Line the six tuning machines so that the first string keyhole is set at 1:00, the second at 2:00, the third and fourth at 3:00, the fifth at 4:00, and the sixth at 5:00. If the neck is too concave (action too high), turn the truss rod nut clockwise to remove excess relief. Note: These are minimum specifications that are meant as a guide; they should not be construed as hard and fast rules, as we realize that every player's subjective requirements often differ. The top of an acoustic guitar may rise or fall to some degree, depending on the climatic conditions in your part of the country. The need to adjust the pitch (raising the butt end of the neck in the pocket, thereby pitching the neck back) of the neck occurs in situations where the string height is high and the action adjustment is as low as the adjustment will allow. if you stick a dime on the 12th fret and the string touches it, it's low. Select a file that best fits the fret, and file the fret down a … Why are you measuring at the 12th fret? I want the notes to ring clean, even on my electrics, mandolins and banjos. Vintage keys. Strings that have lost their integrity (worn where pressed against the fret) or have become oxidized, rusty and dirty will not return to pitch properly. Pull the fourth string between the second and first keys and cut it. Experiment with the height until the desired sound and feel is achieved. Disclaimer Section: IMHO, YMMV, IMHE, Don't Try This At Home, Take With Grain Of Salt, etc, etc. For a two-pivot model such as the American Series bridge, use your tremolo arm to pull the bridge back flush with the body and adjust the two pivot screws to the point where the tremolo plate sits entirely flush at the body (not lifted at the front or back of the plate). Discussion in 'Tech-Talk' started by alfbell, Dec 30, 2012. Check the height between the fret located at the neck and body joint, and the bottom of each string (Refer to the specifications chart for the proper measurement). Feeler gauges for measuring relief. One of the best ways to reduce string breakage is to lubricate the string/saddle contact point with a light machine oil (we prefer 3-in-1 oil because it contains anti-rust and anti-corrosive properties) every time you change strings. Sorry for the stupid question. These are all approximate. Affix a capo at the first fret and depress the sixth string at the last fret. The bridge will now pivot on the outside screws, leaving the four inside screws in place for bridge stability. Unlike standard truss rods, which can only correct a neck that is too concave (under-bowed), the bi-flex truss rod can compensate concave or convex (over-bowed) curvature by generating a correcting force in either direction as needed. For strings to stay in tune, they should be changed regularly. Start by loading all the strings through the bridge and then loading them onto the keys as follows: Locking tuning keys. Pull the fifth string to the third key and cut it. Make sure to stretch your strings properly. ). I usually set mine as low as they go till it starts buzzing and dead notes etc then back it off till every note is clean. Pull the strings through tautly and tighten the thumb wheel, locking the string in. This is very important, especially on locking tuners. Is the measurement for string height from the top of the fret to the bottom of the string? Here are a couple of bridge pictures. ). Adjust the first-string bridge saddle to this scale length, measuring from the inside of the nut to the center of the bridge saddle. Interesting. Pull the third string nearly to the top of the headcap and cut it. The following setup procedures and specifications are for your Stratocaster as equipped with the strings that come on the instrument as standard equipment from the factory. JavaScript is disabled. They should be "finger-tight." Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by shawshank72, May 7, 2013. My Authentics have relief in the 0.004"-0.006" range, exactly where I would set an adjustable truss rod. Then loosen all six screws located at the front edge of the bridge plate, raising them so that they all measure approximately 1/16" (1.6 mm) above the top of the bridge plate. The patented bullet-end is specifically designed for all styles of tremolo use, from extreme dives to smooth vibrato passages. As you know, my height on my high E/17th fret is 4/64s. Set the pickup selector switch in the middle position, and turn the volume and tone controls to their maximum settings.

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