It is an excellent couch, very stylish, and good quality leather. Anyone had a similar experience, how did you deal with Structube? Not sure how much that helps, but hey. I drove past Structube at Fanshawe and Hyde Park and the furniture on their website is exactly what I'm looking for. I ordered several items from other locations and asked them to ship to London. The packaging is thick and stable. I own a chair and a dining table from them. As far as I know, she's been happy with anything she's ever bought from them. The Structube mattresses are horrible. I've been looking at this sofa for about two months and the estimated in stock date keeps moving later and later. That’s one of the sofas I was looking at. Longevity to be determined I guess! For more significant items like furniture, delivery is done using Structube’s own delivery service for a flat fee. +1. Still going strong, and looks great. But then companies would have to pay their employees a decent wage, and we can't have that now. Leon's has always been my favorite. I can’t speak to their sofas but we got a bed frame from them and it’s pretty but the quality is shit - I wouldn’t go back there for anything. They have the same style as but at a much lower price. But no, quality be damned, we'll give the Chinese the jobs instead, to make an inferior product as they always do, even though a furniture industry revival would be great for our economy. EQ3 is generally at least $1k. They are not very cheap either. I should have stayed away from this place. Any suggestions would be appreciated! My mom buys from Structube, and most of her friends living in condos do too. So I guess the shipment came from China to Montreal and then shipped to you. And I had a bench from them that went together quite easily, good quality, amazing price for the material and design, and sturdy - so - hit and miss, I think. Unless it's something simple, like a table, desk or shelf, go elsewhere. Stuff is mislabeled, you gotta put it together yourself... it's very "made in China". Have had them for about 6 months now. Bought an interchangeable couch with a bed and storage and it is broken now. All great - the futon thing is VERY firm however. However, my couch looked used after a year. JFYI, Leons and Brick belong to the same company. I haven't purchased from them however I definitely wouldn't consider the store "inexpensive". I googled Structube for more information and overall the company has AWFUL reviews, but these were for all store locations, and I didn't see any for the London location. Can anyone comment on the quality of their leather sofas? The big box stores (Teppermans, The Brick, etc) aren't very fashionable or modern, and while I love the designs of EQ3, it appears to be more than I'd like to spend, if I can avoid it. Almost all my furniture is from structube. No pilling on the fabric. That location is the only one in London. Believe it or not, you may want to check out Sofa World on Merivale (near Costco). Not very polished in the places you can't see. I’ll be surprised if Structube is still around a year from now. I'm happy with it. I was hoping someone has first-hand experience that they could share. Thank you for your help, it's exactly what I wanted to know. I posted my concern in Twitter and Structube reached out to me to know m concern. Bought our bed from the London location. I have a cabinet though, that came flat packed and while I was assembling it, I discovered that maybe 2/3 of the pilot holes for the 50+ screws still had to be drilled... took extra time. Yeah. True. Press J to jump to the feed. You can't flop down on their furniture because it always sounds like it's going to break if you put too much pressure on it. The only items I have from Structube is some industrial metal chairs and stools. Hope they can help me this time. Reading the comments on here is making me want to return the couch completely and purchase from somewhere else. They seem to get consistently good reviews whereas Structure reviews seemed to be a mixed bag.

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