But they feel worried to purchase due to the high prices. One of my favorite clients named this new instrument the Frankenuke Super Tenor Ukulele.. With it's wider lower bout and TRU-R (Total Resonating Ukulele-Redesigned) bracing system, this instrument is a power pack of sound. HUG Solid Acacia Tenor Ukulele. These Oha models are a really cool move from Kanile’a. That’s to say that the Donner DUT-1 Tenor Ukulele Kit eliminates all worries by giving an affordable and high-quality ukulele. Though a super tenor, it has a more traditional ukulele sound than a baritone. We finally settled on some new stock of “old growth” California Redwood. For the next week we're offering this great model at an additional $50 off! Now I feel like the Young (or maybe Old) Frankenstein of ukuleles. HUG Solid Acacia Super Tenor Ukulele. 4. I am thinking this is a creative name for a creative instrument. Many people want to choose Tenor Ukulele. A classic request and a classic build for this Classic Super Tenor Ukulele. With widened frets, it makes for easier playability without sacrificing the sound of the `ukulele. Kala All Solid Mahagony Super Tenor The All Solid Mahogany Super Tenor ukulele boasts a warm, balanced tone that resonates clearly with long, clean sustain. Category: Tenor ukuleles Tags: kanile'a ukulele, Kanile’a oha, Kanile’a oha super tenor ukulele, Kanile’a st. Sale! Was hoping for a little better projection and sustain, particularly with mid and low. HUG Solid Acacia Concert Ukulele. Save $265. The Super Tenor 19 has become a favorite for guitar players who switch back and forth often on stage and at home. But again, for the price, workmanship is excellent and the sound, response, and intonation would likely not disappoint an advanced amateur or even a professional player. Actually, it took a little time to decide on the sound board if I remember. This uke should heavily be considered if a musician is looking to take their ukulele playing to the next level. Sign up today to learn more about our new products and promotions. Description Reviews (0) Description. Save $249. Subscribe to our newsletter. Check Pirce on Amazon. With the price of Koa going up all the time an all koa Kanile’a will set … Donner Tenor Ukulele Mahogany Body DUT-1 26 inch Ukulele Kit. And boy, what a sound the ST 19 makes! Islander Super Tenor Add-Ons Select all that apply Install One Strap Button - custom feature renders item non-returnable (+ $10.00) Install Two Strap Buttons - custom feature renders item non-returnable (+ $20.00) Install GraphTech 6:1 Ukulele Tuners -Custom feature renders item non-returnable (+ $59.95) Install Mi-Si Pickup - custom feature renders item non-returnable (+ $179.00) Save $259. HUG Solid Acacia Super Soprano Pineapple Ukulele. A classic guitar-style look.

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