The puree makes a great pasta sauce for the rest of the family. Flip and let cook for another 2-3 minutes. Not sure how to make them softer. Simply boil some pasta and add to a big, green, leafy salad. Good idea, I wanted these to work as they’d be a good source of iron for my little guy but they were fairly tasteless and there was no way they were going to form into croquettes- the batter was far too gooey/runny! Transfer to a blender or food processor. I just made these for my little guy. Depending on how big your sweet potato is, you may need to cut the wedges in half. They sort of fell apart so they are little bites now. Thanks for the recipe! Love these! You can serve sweet potatoes to baby as a smooth puree, a chunky stage three puree, smeared on toast as a finger food or made into wedges or pancakes for an amazing baby-led weaning meal. I often just serve this mixture as a side dish! Hope that helps . 22 ratings 3.6 out of 5 star rating. Roughly chop the sweet potatoes and dice the onion. In a medium bowl, add in all of the ingredients and stir until combined. Sweet potatoes are a superfood and a great first food for babies 4 months and up. Add the thyme and a drizzle of olive oil and mix with your hands, until all veggies are coated in olive oil and thyme. how long is the baking time? Heat a large non-stick skillet on medium heat. Whether you start baby on purees or are doing baby-led weaning, sweet potatoes are an amazing first food for baby! Unfortunately, it was so runny that I couldn’t make them into croquettes. Once combined allow the mixture to sit for approx 10 minutes until it has a beaten egg like texture. Serve or freeze for a later meal. If you don’t follow this important step, the mixture will be too wet and impossible to form into any shape. Please see my disclosure policy, Filed Under: Baby Led Weaning, by course, by ingredient, by type, cheese, dairy, Family Meals, Finger Foods, Freezer Friendly, Fussy Eaters, Gluten Free, grains and legumes, Kids Meals, lentils, lunch, Nut Free, Recipes, snacks, sweet potato, vegatables, Vegetarian Tagged With: babies, baby, baby led weaning, babyledweaning, blw, cheese, children, finger foods, fingerfoods, fussy, fussy eaters, fussyeaters, kids, lentils, recipes, sweet potato, weaning. How much would the weight of the medium sweet potato be approximately? ☺, Check out some other great baby food ideas here, I don’t need to tell you the benefits of using cloth diapers. When I made them for the wee man, I ended up eating half myself We also do a version that uses butternut squash and lentils, it’s his favourite: I’ve just popped some of these in the oven although I’m a little dubious about how they’ll turn out as the mixture was rather sloppy after adding the egg. They are also a great side alternative to homemade chips (fries). On a cutting board, add 1/4 cooked sweet potato and 2 tablespoons of white beans. 1 teaspoon of Parmesan cheese or another cheese of your choice . Now you have a great family meal full of goodness for all ages, and your kids will be none the wiser they are eating a whole bunch of veggies. Please do not use my images without prior consent. We get this great vitamin from the sun, (well, some of us get it from the sun) but it is often hard for our little ones to get enough of it naturally. Scoop out the sweet potato meat and place into a blender or food processor, adding in the mild curry powder and water.

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