How much lighter? For a better assurance of quality, consider stepping up to a mid-range cast iron wok. What Is Lightweight Cast Iron (and How Is It Different?) Carbon steel Woks have been around for years, and the benefits of using them are incomparable to none. Step 2: With a soft plastic scrubber or cloth, scrub off the food particles sticking on the surface of the wok. Built with a lightweight yet sturdy construction along with a flat base for stability when cooking. In this price range, there are some excellent smoothly cast models that produce exceptional results. Basic cast iron woks generally cost between $25 to $45. Although you can find a few decent models in this price range, they're few and far between. Though they are an excellent choice for your stir-fries, they can be used in the kitchen for other cooking purposes. Whether stir-frying, steaming, smoking, … The 7 Best Carbon Steel Woks in 2020 Read More Michigan-based Marquette Castings produces cast-iron skillets and cookware using a special casting technique that produces lighter cookware. A carbon cooking pan is one of the essential kitchenware for every home. These cost roughly $50 to $100. Cast iron is well known for its superior heating and heat retention properties, and this pan has a large surface area. Cast iron wok prices. Highly recommended for coil electric stoves , glass top … 9.3. The versatility of this cast iron wok will make it your go-to companion in the kitchen. Pre-seasoned and ready for use, this one-piece construction cast iron wok features two loop handles, making it oven safe, and the sturdy flat bottom is good on all stove tops. Joyce Chen 23-0001, Lightweight Cast Iron Wok, 14-inch. Step 1: Dip the wok in warm water for 10 minutes after use. X. Step 3: If the food is firmly stuck to the surface, dip the wok in warm water again for a few minutes and then scrub it again. I know it sounds too good to be true, but you can find lighter weight cast-iron pans. All castiron flat bottom wok from China w/ 2 black plastic handles (not thick like USA castiron counter part). Retains heat, cooks evenly, quickly and efficiently and imparts the Chinese "wok hee" (wok flavor). Easy to season. By joyce-chen. Create and whip up a variety of stir-fried food, delicious breakfast omelets, savory pasta sauces, and much more.

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