4. Now a days traffic violations are monitored through camera which is placed in many signals. payment as per your convenience. You can pay the fines using your credit/debit card as well as various cash wallet apps. "CONFIRM" to proceed. (Options available '...' : ''}}, {{ value.transaction_no | limitTo: 20 }}{{value.transaction_no.length > 20 ? Select Select 7. correctly. click on below link, [getWidget results='3' label='recent' type='list'], [getWidget results='3' label='comments' type='list'], Waytodo explains hundred's of topics, Various categories with details ,so you can learn how everything works.We believe in knowledge sharing, [getWidget results='2' label='recent' type='list'], [getWidget results='2' label='Bitcoin' type='list'], Waytodo : Knowledge sharing for better future. Submit copy of the fee receipt generated to Concerned Follow these simple steps to make e-challan payment at Paytm-. Content is owned and maintained by TamilNadu Police Best viewed in Firefox (v 50.0 & Above), Google Chrome (v 37.0 & Above) [Resolution 1280 X 600 & Above] and Firefox for Android The traffic police have introduced payment options on their official website. payment of fees through SBI Net Banking, State Bank '...' : ''}}, {{ value.fees | limitTo: 15 }}{{value.fees.length > 15 ? ATM cum DEBIT Cards, Other Bank Debit / Credit Cards, challanCount : 0 }}, For any technical problems related to eChallan you may contactEmail: helpdesk-echallan[at]gov[dot]in or Phone: 0120-2459171 (Timings: 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM), {{ value.vehicle_no | limitTo: 15 }}{{value.vehicle_no.length > 15 ? If all DEPARTMENTS ". APPROPRIATE CATEGORY & input required data correctly. Tamil Nadu Police celebrated National Unity Day at Island ground, Chennai City on 31.10.2020 COP Chennai City, inaugurated the Facebook and Twitter for Citizens to share feedback, information and easy complaining with regard to Crimes against women and children. Other Bank's Net Banking or through SBI BRANCH). 600 & Above] and Firefox for Android. Accept State " TAMILNADU " and Institution type " GOVT. a. Select your Traffic Authority. It’s been a while that we’ve heard that someone is paying fine almost equal to the net worth of their vehicle itself. details entered are correctly populated, Click The Coimbatore City Police along with the Tamil Nadu Police help issue and collect the fines for the e … value.state_code : 'NA'}}, {{value.date_time ? Click "SUBMIT". TAMIL NADU POLICE - CITIZEN PORTAL. "CONFIRM" to proceed. " SCRB CHENNAI " under Govt Departments. Bank ATM cum Debit Cards, Other Bank Debit / Credit Cards , Other Bank's Net Banking or through SBI BRANCH The new traffic rules have caused quite a ruckus and heavy penalties have been taken from vehicle owners from all over the country. d. MAKE Accept b. '...' : ''}}, {{value.challan_no ? Select To facilitate victims of road accidents for early settlement of claims, Tamil Nadu Police is offering an online service to download the required documents @ Rs.20/- … Along with e-Challan, the option for online payment of a fine is also available in Chennai. Enter the challan amount and proceed with the payments. Many case we may not even we had a fine.All these fines are accumulated and collected during when ever we get got by police. "APPROPRIATE CATEGORY" & input required data Go to Challan Bill Payment page on Paytm. Today, the city and the state are a lot less congested thanks to the use of this system. So how can we find out do we have any fine or not. Click "SUBMIT". Pay traffic fines online in tamilnadu Check & Pay Traffic Fines Online in Tamilnadu. are payment of fees through SBI Net Banking, State '...' : ''}}, {{ fixTransactionDate(value.op_dt) | date : "dd/MM/yyyy" }}, {{ value.accused_name | limitTo: 15 }}{{value.accused_name.length > 15 ? Click on ‘Proceed’. value.challan_no : 'NA'}}, {{value.state_code ? payment as per your convenience (Options available are value.date_time : 'NA'}}, {{value.amount >=0 ? Select Enter the required details such as- Challan Number, RC Number, Vehicle Number, Driving License Number etc. 'Disposed' : value.challan_status ) : 'NA'}}, {{value.payment_source ? the TERMS & CONDITIONS and Click "PROCEED". ). value.payment_source : 'NA'}}. Authorities. '...' : ''}}, {{ value.state_cd | limitTo: 15 }}{{value.state_cd.length > 15 ? 5. Content is owned and maintained by TamilNadu Police, Best viewed in Firefox (v details entered are correctly populated, click 3. We can check traffic violation fine details in online through vehicle number and Driving licence. c. If all e. Save & 8.Make value.amount : 'NA'}}, {{value.challan_status ? (value.challan_status == 'cash' ? E-Challan - Digital Traffic/Transport Enforcement Solution An Initiative of MoRTH, Government of India Important Notice: We have come across a fake website https://echallanparivahan.in which is being used to misguide common citizen and fraudulently collect online payment for fake traffic violation cases. Total Challan :{{challanCount ? In Coimbatore, the e-Challan system has been implemented in full effect since it was first introduced. the TERMS & CONDITIONS and click "PROCEED". 50.0 & Above), Google Chrome (v 37.0 & Above) [Resolution 1280 X 6.

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