Co-Founder & Chief Editor for Top Rate Reviews. Recently some companies have begun to sell baritone ukulele string says that are tuned an octave down from a standard ukulele allowing a new option for people that already play standard tuned uke to step up to a larger size. They are very light in weight and compact in size and this makes it the perfect companion for you while traveling. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There are no rules in the ukulele world. This depends on many different factors. So, it is the best bet for the common sizes and it is a golden mean if you willing to have it. Whether it’s a jam session during work (when we could go to the office) or a gig at a local pub, the team…, In the market for a new instrument? Check out Part 2 here. Some famous ukulele players such as pioneer Jesse Kaleihia Andre Kalima play this style of uke. The Ukulele is actually measured right from the top of the headstock to the bottom of the Ukulele’s body. Also referred to as alto Ukulele, the Concert Ukulele is very close to the size of a soprano as they are tuned the same way as soprano Ukulele and it serves as the best beginner instrument. Being a beginner in the world of Ukulele, you must first start your career with the tenor and concert size as they are compact in size and little more comfortable for beginners than the other models. Check out the Happy Holidays collection today! He maintains a steady tour schedule with his own music as well as a sideman for various acts bringing to the stage not just the pure joy of music, but a vast knowledge of the history behind the songs that he holds close to his heart. The soprano size ukulele is the traditional size that most of us are accustomed to seeing and is closest in size to the instrument that the ukulele is derived from: The Portuguese Machete. It is suitable for those who have larger hands and struggle with the size of the soprano. They tend to be around 30-32 inches in size. The Ukulele Size Inches mentioned above are based on averages. If you have particularly large hands, you might find that the extra space between frets offered by a baritone ukulele could be very handy. The Concert Ukulele Size offers some more spaces for the fingers of the musician and it also volume higher than the soprano. The musical instrument like Ukulele can be broken further into four different classes, soprano, tenor, concert and baritone and the main differences between these Ukuleles are their scale length, full-lengths, and the number of frets. The Ukulele Size Inches mentioned above are based on averages. The tuning of ukuleles is usually the same, but there are some variations within this. Any size person can play any size ukulele that they find comfortable. Obviously, it’s hard to find quality at this price range, but it shows how affordable they can be. The larger tenor size means it is easier to do complex fingerpicking and more intricate performances. Baritone Ukulele. Despite the Ukulele Sizes, the Beginners are also required to look for the good quality instruments and try out some hands-on it to know the perfect size suitable for them. There is another size, “sopranissimo.” These are often available in the ‘pineapple’ design as their oval shape resembles a pineapple. However, there is a small drawback with this Ukulele size and that is the larger scale length & larger body which makes it challenging for beginners to try a few hands on it. The sound you are looking for from your uke will depend on personal preference. As with all of the types of ukulele, the individual voice of the instrument itself matters more than generalizations based on size but a soprano when pitted head to head with a quality uke of differing size will generally have a less bass due to the smaller body size and present a brighter tone that many of us associate with the instrument. Length: 30″+ Tuning: DGBE, GCEA Number of frets: 19+ The baritone ukulele, sometimes referred to as just the “bari”, is the biggest of the ukes. They’re good for getting started, but maybe not if you have larger hands as you may struggle with the frets. It has a deep tone and resembles a nylon, classical guitar in its tone. But the drawback associated is that the neck is small and this poses challenges to the musicians with larger hands. The ukulele comes in many shapes in sizes, but what is most important is finding the instrument that works best for you. The last on the list is the Baritone Ukulele size which is a darker, deeper sounding instrument.

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