When it is reversed, it can indicate that you will be tempted by unethical choices and opportunities. The Lovers (VI) has dual meanings. These types of love aren’t mutually exclusive. Think carefully before making any big decisions. A relationship can go on out habit or financial necessity long after it has ceased to be a loving one. This could apply to your physical heart, or be a sign that your emotional heart will recover from the grief of a death or breakup. Because the Lovers tarot card has several different meanings, most readers look to surrounding cards to determine exactly what your Higher Self wants you to know about your present situation. Without a doubt, this is one of the more straight-forward card meanings in the deck. The Star of David, symbolizing the principle of “as above, so below” as … And it can be all these things all at the same time. When combined with the Lovers, it means that marriage or commitment is forthcoming. Above the figures is the angel of air, Raphael, who looks down upon the pair as he blesses them. However, his love for all human beings would not allow this. Specializing in : Live Chat Readings | Skills : Psychic / Astrology / Tarot | Rate: Specializing in : Live Chat Readings | Skills : Psychic / Astrology / Tarot | Rate: Get insights from our selected tarot advisors, The Chariot Tarot Card, Love & Reversed Meanings ». In the future position it indicates that the time is right to seek out love, while maintaining a clear understanding of your expectations. In the background we see a mountain — a phallic symbol — and a river, which represents femininity. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The ancient Greeks understood this complexity so well that they actually had three words for it: eros (romantic love), philia (love between friends), and agape (divine love). While citing Ghandi as an example might seem out of place because most of us will not be world renown so on the surface it would seem that our choices do not impact the world in nearly as profound a manner, The Lovers tarot card urges us to remember that the ripple effects of our choices can change the course of generations to come. Lovers tarot card love meaning: The Lovers speaks of a relationship that always feels new. Your relationship is based on deep love and trust, giving you the strength to overcome obstacles together and empower one another. The man stands before a tree with twelve trefoil flames, which represent the twelve signs of the zodiac and the fiery passion that shapes his destiny. It can be heaven or hell. The Lovers card is the sixth Major Arcanum. In the upright position, the Lovers symbolize harmony, attraction, and perfection in a relationship. A reversed Lovers card symbolizes emotional instability or disharmony within a relationship. Get 3 FREE minutes to try a live chat reading with any of our gifted psychics, astrologers, or Tarot readers today! Path on The Tree of Life: Binah (Understanding) to Tipheret (Beauty) This combination can also indicate that you are caught in the throes of a passionate yet destructive relationship. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Lovers card, in this context, means choice between psychological idleness and true inner growth. Again, love is not always about relationships. In this case, the Lovers tarot card will show you ways in which you can enrich an already satisfying relationship, or it will point to areas that require more attention. Will you acknowledge. This card represents a passionate and sensual person who is prone to rash decisions and easily succumbs to temptation. Love is an energy that is far more universal than what happens between two people. The configuration of these three figures is found in three other Major Arcana: The Devil, The Chariot, and The Hierophant. Together, these types of love are like different flowers which come together in perfect harmony to make a most magnificent garden. The Lovers card depicts the union of two opposing forces, as well as the fleeting bliss of a moment before it is corrupted. Your email address will not be published. The Lovers reversed is a major warning sign for a relationship. Required fields are marked *. If you have been with the same person for a long time, it represents the stability of your relationship. The Lovers Tarot card interpretations for love and relationships. Depending on which card it is paired with, this unity could be short-lived or everlasting. The Lovers Tarot Card’s True Meaning: Love, Health and Money. The Lovers card is associated with making important decisions. These cards together signify that a breakup or separation is on its way and that you are at the mercy of fate. The Sun is a sign that you are headed in the right direction and everything is going according to plan. When paired with other Major Arcana cards, the message is even more powerful (for all readings) and Cups signifies that the spiritual communication being transmitted is love/relationship … Only in certain cases and readings does it actually refer to a relationship or love. Use our Numerology Calculator to find what your Life Path, Soul, Personality, Compatibility and Career Numbers are and how they can help improve all areas of your life! The element of air is associated with communication, a pillar of healthy relationships. Do you still share the same dreams and aspirations? The Lovers symbolize harmony, attraction, and perfection in a relationship. Combined, the Sun and the Lovers mean that a new relationship will bring great joy into your life. How could it not be when love, itself, has so many forms? Follow your heart and your passion. Your relationships are strong — the time is right to make a difficult choice or announcement. In the present position, the Lovers card means that a relationship is developing and will bring passion and happiness. Kabbalistic Letter: Zayan If you draw this card it is a sign that you are at a major crossroads: the decisions you are soon to make may alter the course of your existence. The Lovers denotes a holy relationship between two people … It can also signify that a current relationship will begin a happy and fulfilling chapter. For example: Have you moved from being passionate lovers to being friends, or can you connect only during intimate moments? The Lovers (VI): Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meaning | iSTOCK This card is represented by 3 or 4 characters, depending on the tarot deck. You may realize that love must sometimes be “tough.” Or you have now come to understand that your “tough love” wasn’t about love at all, but power – that you were only forcing your sense of right and wrong onto someone else. The man and woman in the Lovers tarot card represent humanity in its original state of innocence. He could have used his charismatic influence to organize an armed rebellion and force the British out with military action. When The Lovers tarot card is reversed in a reading, it may also suggest that you have had a completely wrong idea about love, what it means to love someone, or who may or may not be deserving of love. There is a similar interaction – of three parts forming one – in the Wheel of Fortune. You may be paying too much attention to your romantic life and ignoring budgetary constraints. Zodiac Sign: Gemini The Star of David, symbolizing the principle of “as above, so below” as well as the merging of matter and spirit, also has 6 points. This does not mean that you have become jaded or disillusioned. You’re bringing out the lesser developed parts of each other. As its name implies, the sixth card in the Major Arcana is a sign of a strong relationship, but it can also indicate that you are at a major crossroads in life and that you should avoid making hasty decisions. His head extends into the sun, symbol of the deity, meaning that he is in direct communication with the divine source. Everyone has questions and needs spiritual advice sometimes. Or, having been bitterly disappointed by past relationships, you have discovered that love can indeed be unconditional. This passion has the potential to develop into true intimacy, as long as you acknowledge the importance of open communication.

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