We are very interested to see what happens. make very nice shade trees, are excellent timber specimens, and also produce delicious nuts for eating by humans, birds, and squirrels alike.Keep reading to learn how to prune a walnut tree. I generally have to scrape the outer bark down to the inner bark with a hatchet before drilling and tapping. They grow extremely fast and are relatively easy to establish in open fields and along watercourses as riparian buffers. All Rights Reserved | Website by Maple Creative, ← Local Foods Movement is “Good to Go” in Trumansburg. The lumberjack has to scale the tree up to the crotch and carefully cut off each limb as well as the remaining crotch. © 2019 Cornell Small Farms. However if the tree has heavy limbs in a Y-shaped crotch, it has to be felled with great care or the trunk might split in two, which drops its value to maybe $500. What did the syrup taste like? So a large walnut tree with a long, straight trunk can be worth $8,000 or more. Dear Ms. S., you can prune back your walnut tree. of Black Walnut Sap? Sap flow in English walnut (Juglans regia) has also been studied in France due to the worldwide importance of nut production in this species. HOWEVER, ‘topping’ IS NOT a recommended practice for any tree, regardless of species or size. Just started tapping walnuts in addition to maples. My first few (2 gallon) batches were done on the kitchen stove (I have a vent to outdoors) and boil down time was in excess of 4 hours each. Any idea of the sap to sugar ratio? Most people currently plant walnut trees for their timber value and nut production, however syrup production could be one more attribute to add to the list. Been a lot of fun and it tastes great. There was limited research on using the sap of black walnut trees for syrup production took place in Kansas nearly a decade ago. I was told ONLY maple and honey is allowed to be sold via home kitchens and I would need to cook my sap and bottle in a commercial kitchen if I am to sell it. Results in nice clear syrup. Same sycamore I tapped several years ago has not run a drop so far and maple flow is down so much we pulled the taps. I figured out I had two more so this year I have 9 trees tapped. Thank you for your questions. In addition, grey squirrels can be particularly hazardous. You should also observe that the younger branches of walnut trees … It’s the same as maple, except for the pectinaise (sp?) The dept of agriculture and markets told me they have no scientific reason why maple is the only syrup allowed, and I am reaching out to see if you know of a reason (other than maple syrup politics). The bigger trees 20″ and up will produce 4 to 5 gallons in a 24 hour period. Thank you for sharing your success with the walnut syrup! Anyone have any advice on ratio of Pectin Enzyme to Gall. What do most of you do once you pull the taps? One week ago I tapped 10 large (14-20 inch) Black Walnuts on my property in Northwest Illinois. Thanks for this information! I would estimate they are 70 to 80 feet to the first branch. Pectin! The researchers never investigated the potential to use this sap as a source of syrup production. I am likely to do maybe one more major cook down on the weekend and then untap and plug the trees so they can get on with spring. We are in central/southern Indiana. Todd Leuty from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture recently conducted research on tapping Japanese walnuts (Juglans ailantifolia) grafted onto black walnut rootstock in Ontario. I also did maple syrup. The earliest run (Jan20-30) produced a gallon of concentrate from about 30 of sap, which I am estimating will yield 1/2 gallon of syrup, for a 60 to one ratio. Thanks everyone for all the posts, comments, and info! He might have some good insight for you. Walnut tree pruning is important for the tree’s health, structure, and productivity. I am eager to learn all I can and welcome any insight. With the maple I made some maple sugar to be used for various recipes. Last year I had no problem with pectin. I think it may increase later in the season as I do remember getting some jelling last year. It must be level and without obstructions. Go big Red! Second year tapping black walnut trees. I’m in my second year of tapping, collecting and syruping black walnut trees. Hope this helps! The temps last week ranged from 40-65F in the daytimes and 28-35F during nights. I found that after taking the sap off the evaporator and before putting it on the stove to finish it, I run it through an orlon filter twice, and then once more right before its finished. 2) Topping stimulates undesirable "water sprout" growth . I messed around with tapping some black walnuts last year. My trees are in bottomland and perhaps that contributes to a lower sugar reading. What to look for when pruning a walnut tree. So when we created this recipe for a sweet, toasty Black The reasons for this are: If you are too late when pruning back your tree in the winter, the cut wounds will bleed. If you have a disability and are having trouble accessing information on this website or need materials in an alternate format, please contact Cornell University via email at web-accessibility@cornell.edu for assistance. 1. Though it is not well known, all species of walnut (Juglans spp.) Any suggestions on making walnut syrup with the gel left in the filter? I finished the major reduction outside on the “turkey fryer” burner and ended up with a little over two quarts of darkening sweet sap which I transferred into another pot and brought inside to do the final reduction on the stove. Has there been any research on toxicity of this syrup? The professional world is merely divided on the best time at which to conduct the pruning. Is that OK to do? Home » Posts » Tapping Walnut Trees for a Novel and Delicious Syrup, by Michael Farrell Dessert is our favorite food group. This year we had a lot of nuts but there is a ton of pectin. Better practice is probably to put PE in sap for about 12 hours near room temp before boil down. I have tried to have them logged and only 12 were of veneer quality so I turned my attention to making walnut syrup as well as maple syrup next year. I’ve collected about 20 gallons of sap so far and I froze in containers in my freezer so that I can boil it down all at once. We just tapped a group of black walnut trees on or property. New Trees. I’ve heard of walnut sugar. You should also observe that the younger branches of walnut trees … Prune trees regularly throughout their life to keep them healthy, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. I have around 50 black walnuts to tap. However if the tree has heavy limbs in a Y-shaped crotch, it has to be felled with great care or the trunk might split in two, which drops its value to maybe $500. Hi Kiley, At this point, you can begin shaping the tree into the central leader position. Did not run great, but it ran. On mature trees, it is best to thin the canopy rather than shorten it. Pruning in summer and fall is hard on the tree and may lead to infection. Although the number of tappable black walnuts is significantly less than the number of tappable maples, there are excellent opportunities for sugarmakers to utilize the trees they currently have while also planting these trees for long-term benefits.

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