Everyone does their best in subjects they enjoy. Everyone has to at least take core GCSE science but it’s not compulsory to take GCSE biology, physics and chemistry separately. It contains enzymes that control these chemical reactions. If a medicine passes all legal tests it is given a license for use. This affects photosynthesis and growth by reducing the area of leaves available for photosynthesis. Give two challenges that animals who live in the desert face, Give four adaptations of animals that live in deserts, Adaptations in the kidneys to produce concentrated urine and need very little to drink. Triple science is effectively double science, but with a bit extra tacked onto the end of the syllabus. These become the nuclei of the two new cells. Isn’t triple science just for the clever students? What are the three types of blood vessel and what are their functions? They contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Diffusion is the spreading out of particles from an area of higher concentration to an area of lower concentration. Myelin speeds up the conduction of nerve impulses and helps to insulate the neurone from others. A placebo drug does not contain the new drug, but looks and tastes the same. How do you convert from micrometres into millimetres? And you might find that there’s a certain area of science you excel in. Carry impulses around an organism. The concentration of minerals is usually a lot higher in the root hair cell than in the soil. What is the process for coordinating a response? In the United Kingdom education system, science at GCSE level is studied through Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Exam Tips - … It is when the coronary arteries that supply the blood to the muscle of the heart get blocked by a build up of fatty material. The pancreas makes hormones to control blood sugar and some enzymes that digest food. The drugs digitalis and digoxin are extracted from foxgloves and they strengthen the heartbeat, however large amounts can act as poison. Ligase (am enzyme) joins the two bits of DNA together and the recombinant DNA is inserted into the bacteria. Light intensity - brighter light, higher the rate. Metabolism - the sum total of all the reactions that take place in a cell or body, Building larger molecules from smaller ones (e.g. What two other factors should be considered when testing new drugs? The Fallopian tube is where the egg travels to the uterus and may be fertilised. What is a plant response to water called? Which organs is the digestive system made of? 1. Walls aren't as thick as artery walls as the blood is at a lower pressure, Carry oxygen from the lungs to all the cells in the body, Describe the features of a red blood cell, Biconcave disc for a larger surface area to absorb oxygen. Oestrogen increases the thickness of the womb. Complex carbohydrates (starch and cellulose) are made of long chains of simple sugar units bonded together. The trunks of elephants take up water and spray it over the body to keep cool since when water evaporates from the body, it takes some heat as well. Skeletal muscles contract, and the exothermic reactions of respiration needed for muscle contractions raise the temperature. The skin also produces anti-microbial secretions to destroy pathogenic bacteria and it is covered in micro-organisms. Harmful pathogens are more likely to grow above this temperature. The female Anopheles needs two meals of human blood before she can lay her eggs, this is when. Why is biomass lost between trophic levels? Water will move from a higher concentration to a lower concentration. Body temperature tends to fluctuate with the external environment. Radiotherapy still affects the area around the tumour it is targeting and damages healthy cells, and monoclonal antibodies are expensive to develop at the moment. Roses affected by black spot produce fewer, smaller flowers because the rate of photosynthesis slows due to the area available being decreased. This dialysis fluid also contains normal plasma levels of mineral ions so excess ions are removed from the blood. Whilst the food is in your mouth, the salivary amylase breaks down starch (long chains of simple sugar units bonded together) which is a catabolic reaction. What happens if protein is present during a biuret test? How are the stomata adapted for gas exchange? This response can lead to long lasting immunity. What does the adrenal gland do and where is it? Viruses take over the cells of your body. What conditions does pepsin usually work best in? They convert lipids into glycerol and fatty acids. Since insulin is a protein that would be digested in the stomach, it is usually injected to get it straight into the blood. Arteries - carry blood away from the heart. Give a physical defence of plants to prevent pathogens from affecting them, Give a chemical defence of plants to prevent pathogens from affecting them, Some produce antibacterial chemicals which kill bacteria, Give a mechanical defence of plants to prevent pathogens/organisms from affecting them, Some plants have thorns or hairs which stop animals from touching and eating them. Smoke and acidic gases released into the atmosphere pollute the air and can cause acid rain. How are the alveoli specialised to maximise the rate of diffusion of oxygen and carbon dioxide? Sign up with Success at School to save your favourite jobs, tips and courses, build your CV, and have your say in our Student Space. State each trophic level and what they contain, They break down uneaten remains and waste. Research scientists use monoclonal antibodies to locate or identify specific molecules in a cell or tissue. salivary glands and sweat glands. What happens if a body temperature is too low? The hormones are released from the body in urine. Another way scientists find out about the brain is to stimulate different sections using electricity. I see several grammar schools still offer only triple science. Antibiotics kill the bacteria, whereas painkillers relieve the symptoms. for fertilisers) can be washed into the water. Biochemists synthesise new drug compounds using computer models and chemical banks, and then modify them to be more powerful. What is the name of the process where prokaryotic cells reproduce? Choosing your GCSE subjects can be tricky, particularly when it comes to science. They can last for 3-5 years and are very effective, however they can cause period problems. What does amylase catalyse the breakdown of? From here the blood flows through the valve and into the left ventricle.

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