The OfS aims to help students succeed in Higher Education by ensuring they receive excellent information and guidance, get high quality education that prepares them for the future and by protecting their interests. 16. I will be honest in my academic endeavors. To graduate with BSc (Hons) Management (Marketing), you need to have studied at least 40 credits of second-year options (one third of your studies) and at least 60 credits of final-year options (half of your studies) from the marketing subject area. Native languages accepted. 4. Group participation and/or cheating will not be tolerated. In an effort to provide online students with reliable and secure access to the online learning technology resources, FIU Online has standard maintenance periods to perform scheduled maintenance and system upgrades. It is a good idea to set aside some time to do these practice questions. You must achieve AAA at A-level (or equivalent) and be able to demonstrate a significant contribution and commitment to social responsibility. Use the links below to view lists of courses in related subject areas. Students are expected to pace their learning according to the posted course assignments.It is expected that interactive learning and teaching will enrich the learning experience of all students, and that each student will work in partnership with the professor to create a positive learning experience for all. South-Western, 16th edition, 2012 For this programme of study we will accept grade 5 in Standard Level Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches or Remember that if you have technical issues of this nature, you will not be able to retake a quiz or test. Use that time wisely. Native languages accepted. For more information about Blackboard's Accessibility Commitment, click here. Click on your grade to see your quiz/exam. For detailed information about the technical requirements, please click here. You will receive 20 points for a completed study, online or on-campus. Now read the course calendar. Assessments in this course are not compatible with mobile devices and should not be taken through a mobile phone or a tablet. You will be able to see your quiz grade immediately after submitting your quiz. I had difficulty accessing the quiz/exam. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. Florida International University - College of Business - Miami, FL 33199, Mid-Term Exam (Chapters 1-10) 3/22 - 3/24, http://www,, Online Mid-Term Test covering Chapters 1-10, Online Final Exam covering Chapters 11-21, Planning, Implementing, and Controlling Marketing Strategies, Social Responsibility and Ethics in Marketing, Marketing Research and Information Systems, Target Markets: Segmentation, Evaluation and Positioning, E-Marketing, Digital Media, and Social Networking, Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management. Please note that the information contained in this section applies only if your course requires a proctored exam. The book cover of the loose-leaf edition may be a little bit different; but the content is the same. People often confuse marketing with advertising and sales. The Final Exam will also be 100 multiple choice questions, from chapters 11-21. 11:59 PM on Friday night through 5:00 AM on Saturday morning. MAR 3023- Marketing Management is a course that examines the role and importance of marketing in the firm and other organizations. As a college, we care about and enforce the Policies and Procedures as they are important to the quality of the education we are providing to you.Click here for details on our On-campus Orientation/Online Tutorial, Server Maintenance Requirements, FIU Library support and FIU Policies.IMPORTANT PARTS OF THE BLACKBOARD LEARNING SYSTEM WITH WHICH YOU SHOULD BE FAMILIAR.

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