3: sub-paras. The text of Sch. Prohibition of practice of veterinary surgery or medicine by unregistered persons. in the Gazette next following the date of registration of any person under this Act, the name, address and qualifications of that person; and. Turning this feature on will show extra navigation options to go to these specific points in time. (2)Where a casual vacancy occurs among members of the Council appointed by the Privy Council or a university, the vacancy shall be filled by the Privy Council or that university, as the case may be. (1)The following provisions of this section shall have effect for the purpose of securing that the courses of study to be followed by students training to be veterinary surgeons and the standard of proficiency required for registration in the register shall be such as sufficiently to guarantee that persons registered in the register will have acquired the knowledge and skill needed for the efficient practice of veterinary surgery: and it shall be the duty of the Council to exercise the powers conferred on them by those provisions so far as necessary for that purpose. 2(c); S.I. Reproduced by permission of Reed Elsevier (UK) Limited, trading as LexisNexis UK, who are copyright owners and original publishers of this material. Northern Territory. (1)On the application of any university in the United Kingdom for which no recognition order is in force the Privy Council may after consultation with the Council of the College direct the College to hold examinations in veterinary surgery for the students of veterinary surgery attending at that university; and any such student passing any such examination shall be entitled to be registered in the register and shall on being so registered become a member of the College. . 93-281, eff. 6 Chairperson is executive officer of board (1) The chairperson is the executive officer of the board. /N 3 Arrangement of Sections. (Source: P.A. 4(1)For the purpose of any proceedings before the disciplinary committee in England and Wales or Northern Ireland the committee may administer oaths and any party to the proceedings may sue out writs of subpoena ad testificandum and duces tecum, but no person shall be compelled under any such writ to produce any document which he could not be compelled to produce on the trial of an action.U.K. except with permission granted by the Council and subject to such restrictions as the Council may impose. Without prejudice to subsection (3) of this section, any provision of this Act relating to anything done or required or authorised to be done under, or by reference to, that provision or any other provision of this Act shall have effect as if any reference to that provision or to that other provision, as the case may be, included a reference to the corresponding provision of the enactments repealed by this Act or the corresponding charter provision superseded by this Act, as the case may require. 12U.K.The additional elected members of the Council required to bring the number of such members up to twenty-four shall be elected before, and shall come into office at, the annual general meeting of the College in 1968. 1. Baineann an suíomh gréasáin seo úsáid as fianáin. . . Ordinary elections of the members of the preliminary investigation committee, other than the President or the Vice-Presidents, shall be held at the first meeting of the Council following the annual general meeting of the College and any election to fill a casual vacancy occurring among those members shall be held at the next meeting of the Council after the vacancy occurs. . . A VET! A VET! 5A(3A) inserted (1.7.1991) by S.I. (a)the castration of a male animal or the caponising of an animal, whether by chemical means or otherwise; F30(c). 1U.K.Diplôme d’État de docteur en médecine vétérinaire (the State diploma in veterinary medicine) awarded by the State Examining Board and endorsed by the Minister of Education. (2)A direction under the foregoing subsection with respect to any university shall cease to have effect on the coming into force or revival of a recognition order for that university or may be revoked by a subsequent direction of the Privy Council made after consultation with that university and with the Council of the College. See how this legislation has or could change over time. Elections or appointments to fill any vacancy occurring under paragraph 1 of this Schedule shall be held or made before the annual general meeting of the College at which the vacancy occurs. . by Criminal Justice Act 1972(c. 71), Sch. The registrar may send by post to a registered veterinary surgeon a notice inquiring whether he has ceased to practise or has changed his residence and, if no answer is received to the inquiry within six months from the posting of the notice, he may remove the name of the registered veterinary surgeon from the register. 1978/272, Sch. If a recognition order ceases to be in force for any university, any member appointed to the Council by that university shall thereupon cease to hold office. Achtanna Athbhreithnithe (CAD) (An Coimisiún um Athchóiriú an Dlí). 10, 11 excluded by S.I. Gazette containing an entry mentioned in subsection (1)(a) shall be prima Veterinary Practice Act 2003. Restoration to the register of name erased for professional misconduct. (2)Registration under this section shall not make it lawful for a person to practise veterinary surgery otherwise than subject to the said restrictions. 2(2)(b). 5(9)(b), (1)For the purpose of giving effect to any agreement with respect to veterinary surgeons entered into (whether before or after the commencement of this Act) between Her Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom and the Government of the Republic of Ireland Her Majesty may by Order in Council make such provision as appears to Her to be expedient—. 66. (1)There shall continue to be a register known as the supplementary veterinary register containing the names and addresses of the following persons (to be known as veterinary practitioners), that is to say—. . 120. Exercise by the Minister of the functions of the Council. No person shall be entitled to recover any such fee or charge as is mentioned in subsection (1) unless he or she is a registered veterinary surgeon or a licensed veterinary practitioner. veterinary surgery and for other matters connected with and Power to strike off register or cancel the licence. If a person not registered in the register takes or uses the title of veterinary surgeon or any name, title, addition or description implying that he is so registered, he shall be guilty of an offence. 1A relating to Spain substituted (11.3.1993) by, Preliminary Investigation and Disciplinary Committees. (2)Anything required by this Act to be done by or to the registrar may be done by or to any assistant registrar appointed by the Council. . Dependent on the legislation item being viewed this may include: This timeline shows the different points in time where a change occurred. 2(a). 3 beginning "In the foregoing" expressed to be substituted for words beginning “and in this paragraph “recognised institution” (which latter words were to be found in Sch. 13U.K.Of the persons elected members of the Council at the election of such members in 1968 one shall retire in each of the three next following years, being—, (a) that one of the successful candidates who at that election received the smallest number of votes and remains a member by virtue of being so elected, or.

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