The Nebraska Extension offers some guidance: Multiple-catch mouse traps are also a good option, the extension says. Determining what sort of animal is doing the damage is a key to finding a solution. This article examines four ways that voles are a threat to your yard and your health. Voles can cause damage to small trees and shrubs. These small, burrowing animals are best known for the harm they cause to turf and landscaping. It’s not just your grass that voles will eat. Without seeing the tail it’s hard to tell the difference. Why does it matter? Voles aren’t exactly at the top of their respective food change. Even though there are omnivores, like most rodents, voles have a strong preference for grasses and roots. Voles often create shallow tunnels on the surface of the lawn that become visible as snow melts (see above photo). Vole and mole damage is most visible in the spring and fall, often damaging lawns and ornamental landscapes with their feeding/burrowing activities. These can, in turn, create their own set of problems such as transmit diseases, harm us or our pets, and so on. Damage from voles can be a very unpleasant site in the spring when you see your lawn for the first time in months after the snow melts. This can be especially devastating for the structure of your yard during the winter months when it’s covered with snow and the voles can keep digging undisturbed. “Is there a lot of excavation(mounding) and raised areas or does it just seem like things have been pushed out of the way?”. That, in turn, makes you disturbed because you know some creature has been crawling around making this damage but you’re not sure which animal. Voles have no interest in being indoors unless they’ve located a great deal of easily accessible stored food or vegetation. Unfortunately, you may as well be setting out the buffet table for pesky grass-eating voles. Colorado alone hosts eight species of voles, which are often called meadow mice or field mice. Not to be confused with carnivorous moles, the Penn State University Extension describes the herbivorous voles as “small, chunky, ground-dwelling rodents.”. Common signs of vole damage include: Surface Signs: Look for irregular paths of clipped and trampled grass or soil. Vole tunnels are most visible as snow begins to melt in spring. . They like to run around in their thin subterranean tunnels and eat the vital parts of most plants and even trees. Even hawks circling overhead can be a clue that you have voles in your yard, says Colorado State. Those vole runways should disappear beneath green turf in no time. If they are not eradicated, they can burrow and tunnel quickly, causing dead patches that make your lawn look like it's been scorched by the sun. Spongy ground from their tunnels will give them away, and trees that seem to be suffering from other problems may be getting girdled underground by pine voles. You are looking at your lawn or mulch bed and it is disturbed. Vole damage in lawn. And if you have pets that use your yard, they may pick up those parasites and bring them inside with them. Vole and mole damage is most visible in the spring and fall, often damaging lawns and ornamental landscapes with their feeding/burrowing activities. And one “excellent avenue of free vole control,” says the UMass extension office, is an open winter without snow. Some of the parasites voles may be carrying include, lice, mites, fleas and ticks. Follow this blog to stay tuned with what you need to keep your lawn in tip-top shape year-round. Aside from setting eyes on the animals, those runway systems are how you know you’ve got voles. Lawn damage is most visible in the spring. These little outdoor “meadow mice” are subterranean dwellers that love to nibble on people’s plants, grass, trees, and vegetables. What’s more, since voles can carry diseases just like other rodents, having their urine and droppings all over and inside your garden’s soil is that last thing you’d want. But due to the sheer number of voles present in many areas, those approaches can be so labor-intensive they’re futile, says the University of Massachusetts Extension. Some pesticides, such as. As such, if your property gets infested with voles it may soon get infested with other pests as well. You’re not going to solve mole problems with vole removal methodology and vice versa. Also, please look through other parts of our website for more information. Accordingly, voles are also known as field mice. In today’s post we’ll differentiate between mole damage and vole damage; informing you how to distinguish between the two. Sanchez notes that vole populations are cyclical. Since spring is the breeding season for both, action is prudent if activity is visible during this time frame to avoid more of these pests! It’s effective, but often doesn’t significantly reduce populations. It’s a strong habitat for voles, which give area homeowners plenty of headaches. Grass Spiders: Should You get Rid of Them? As the vole pathway can be thought of as a rut, the mole pathways can be thought of as tunnels. That beautiful lawn is prime feed for the small rodents. Your answers to these questions and comparing what you see to these and other pictures your research finds will help you determine if moles or voles are the main problem. Other distinguishing traits are 1) small eyes (they’re not blind!) “Do those pathways seem more like surface ruts or true tunnels”? The one letter difference in what they’re called often proves to be a stumbling block in communication about the animals. Here are some tips before you set out to bait your yard: One less-intensive option, though, is the classic spring-action mousetrap. Cut a section of pipe or form a plastic cylinder, making sure there are no gaps. Your email address will not be published*. also knows as a field or meadow mouse, is a small rodent that only weighs about 1 ounce and measures around 4-7 inches in length. Photo credit: Troy Salzer: In the home lawn Voles - Voles are small brown rodents about the size and shape of a mouse. The vole tunnels — small, 1- to 2-inch runways — should be visible after that first mow. If you start seeing the signs of voles, it is best to act quickly and seek the help of a professional before they do significant damage. Termites are native to every state except Alaska. Mole Damage Versus Vole (Field Mouse) Damage, Recipe for Squirrels: Water & Shoddy Work. Continue to monitor the yard, she says, walking around the perimeter to look for signs of voles. These parasites can bring scary diseases in with them, such as Lyme disease, which can have lifelong medical implications. Voles often create shallow tunnels on the surface of the lawn that become visible as snow melts (see above photo). Tree Damage: As rodents that need to wear down their ever-growing incisors, voles will chew on any wood they come in contact with. The whole mole/vole thing always causes confusion. Voles can make quick work of any row of vegetables and leave it dead and useless. Moles are generally more destructive to lawns than voles, and more difficult to remove. They can also eat other smaller animals and insects, which, fortunately, is not that much of a problem for us. These tiny creatures do significant damage as they remove strips of bark from around the bases of trees. “Are voles mice? To the right we see classic vole (field mouse trails. And if were up to us, the term vole would go away and the different types would be given names that had mouse somewhere in them.

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