Quebecers take good care of this incomparable natural resource, since for them hunting and fishing are perfect ways of enjoying the outdoors and getting back to the land. Aboard our own commercial seaplanes, a 45-minute trip will fly you straight to the best walleye fishing you can find. This is needed to allow future sportsmen’s and new generations to continue to practice and experience the sport of fishing. It will also eat insects, slugs, leeches, crayfish, salamanders, small snakes, frogs and small mammals. And while you are staying at one of these wilderness lodges, there are lots of other activities to enjoy: swimming, photography, canoeing, hiking, and picking berries and mushrooms. A vacation to remember! Walleye and sauger don't have to be wallet filleted in the réserve faunique Papineau-Labelle, but it must be possible to count and identify the fish (a piece of skin must adhere to the filet). Central Québec is known for its abundant wildlife, in particular speckled trout, but also moose and some 30 species of ducks. The water color, the structures, the abundant oxygen water contribution, the bait fish population, the quality of the spawning areas and most, of all our conservation program explain why Lake Hébert is that good. They have the level of comfort to make your stay really enjoyable. The coloration from gray to blue is a subspecies of walleye, which is, apparently, now extinct. Walleye fishing is done with various lures, but as this fish is fond of insects that surface at dusk, it is also possible to capture it with fly fishing. Walleye is among the most fished species in Quebec, for its abundance and especially for its flesh that is delicious and tender. The walleye, especially the females, are generally loyal to their spawning grounds. Our experienced caretaker is on site to fulfil your needs and to guide you over the most productive fishing spots. Quebec fishing enthusiasts flock from all over, drawn by the wealth of fish and game. The growth of the walleye in Quebec can be either fast or slow. Lake trout (including splake trout) Some populations in the south of the province will have a high growth before sexual maturity, at least 85 mm per year, while the slower population growth, is further north, with less than 85 mm per year. We can find it in great abundance especially in large shallow and turbid lakes (less than 15 meters). However, it prefers yellow perch and sunfish. The walleye is a great perch species measuring between 30 to 50 cm ( 0.5 to 1.5 kg) . The walleye tolerates ambient conditions; it is a species that lives in fresh water, between 13-21 degrees Celsius. Its colour varies greatly depending on its habitat. Quebec has a lot of walleye and they can be found in large and small lakes and rivers throughout the province. The hundreds of thousands of lakes and rivers in Québec are generally open for angling from spring to fall. Air Tamarac Outfitter offers you the best fly-in walleye fishing in Quebec ! It is a rich province, with a distinctive culture that has evolved from the mingling of French and English heritages. They fall to the bottom of the water. The walleye do not nest. It has an elongated body and is slightly compressed laterally. Blessed with dense forests and innumerable lakes and rivers, Québec is home to an incredible variety of fish. In turbid waters, walleye will feed all day, but in clear water, due to its eyes high sensitivity to light, will feed at sunrise and sunset in shallow waters. Air Tamarac Outfitter offers you the best fly-in walleye fishing in Quebec ! Walleye fishing in Quebecs Outfitters. However, because of this they are obliged to avoid bright lights, but in contrast have excellent night vision. The male walleye will reach sexual maturity at the age of two, or up to four years old. # Établissement : 850687 / 850102 / 850310, Air TamaracP.O. Canada’s most popular and Québec’s second most popular fish after brook trout, walleye is among the most widely fished species throughout North America. Quebec fishing enthusiasts flock from all over, drawn by the wealth of fish and game. Learn how to distinguish walleye from sauger. Box 2000Sutton (Québec)Canada, J0E 2K0, © 2020 Tamarac - Tous droits réservés | Réalisation : Conceptö | Programmation : Synaps. It feeds mainly on fish and feeds on whatever it may find around it. The eastern part of the province has always been reputed for its wealth of Atlantic salmon. Spawning takes place at night in groups of one or two females and two to six males. The waters team with walleye and pickerel, perch and pike, along with speckled trout, lake trout and Atlantic salmon. Depending on the size of the female, their number varies from 50 000 300 000. Five of them are located on a crescent-shaped island in the southern part of this 12 mile-long lake while the other two are isolated in bays at the north end of the lake. It is more in abundance and widespread than the latter. We also notice tiny spots in even rows, found on the second dorsal fin and its tail, and white spots on the tip of the lower lobe of the caudal fin. A fisherman's dream ! Particular rules, in addition to quotas, apply to the following species. An exceptional body of water under exclusive Quebec fishing rights with high fishing potential. The walleye is a voracious fish; it can ingest a good fraction of its own size. Its body is olive brown or yellow and it has small golden spots on the rear part of its body. The Sport Fishing in Québec interactive map of the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs (MFFP) allows you to consult fishing periods, catch limits and exceptions. Quebec is both the oldest and the largest of Canada’s ten provinces. Because of walleye’s sensitivity to light, they are fished in deep waters, throughout the day. At times, it may reproduce again in summer, going from the beginning of April until the end of June.

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