High-quality broomcorn brush is pea-green in color and free from discolorations. Broom corn is LIKELY SAFE when eaten in food amounts. Broom corn is a plant. In foods, broom corn is used as a cereal grain. Seeds or Brooms. The long fibrous panicle of the broomcorn plant is used for making brooms. ''Broom corn is a plant that just doesn't quit,'' he said. Whisk Dwarf is used for making whisk brooms and for the insides of floor brooms. Today, using broomcorn for crafts seems to be all the rage. The stem is easily detached from the stalk, and the brush is harvested by pulling or jerking. long. People use broom corn to treat digestion problems. Whether the goal is a pretty border or a clean floor, it's good to begin with a mix of varieties of broom corn. Whisk Dwarf broomcorn usually grows to a height of 2 1/2 to 4 ft and produces a fine slender brush about 12 to 18 in. The plant needs similar conditions to corn and a long growing season. If you just want to make one broom, a small plot is all you need, but the plants can grow up to 15 feet (about 5 m.) high. However, it is not known if broom corn is safe in amounts greater than that found in foods or what the possible side effects might be. The fibers should be straight, smooth, pliable, and approximately 20 in. A ton of broomcorn brush makes 80 to 100 dozen brooms. It was once grown as feed for animals as well as broom use. The seed is used to make medicine. These need to be unbroken and sturdy. in length.

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