2. Oh hi! Yes, we all learned as children not to cry over spilled milk. Spoiled milk, however, is a different story. Same with eggs, I pretty much ignore any date on eggs. I have a cold fridge and a sensitive nose. One effect of drinking bad soy milk is a stomach ache. So do yourself a favor and take a whiff before you drink a glass. Depends on how spoiled it was and how strong your system is. Thicken soups and casseroles. I feel safe using milk and soy milk past the expiration date, just using a sniff test. 1. While I was cooking up my favorite vegan pancakes I finished up the last of my Silk Soy Milk, thankfully I was going to do a Costco run tomorrow anyway, and I thought I’d share my favorite ways to use soy milk with you. Ingredients. You could possibly vomit and/or have diarrhea. You might feel sick. 1. While sour milk tastes disgusting, it’s actually perfect for baking as other ingredients will mask its unpleasant taste. Use it for baking. You can use spoiled milk to make pancakes, scones, corn bread and other pastries. There may be some way of salvaging it. Sour milk; Additions such as chopped fresh herbs, vegetables or fruit, or spices (for cheese) Cocoa or carob powder (for chocolate milk) Eggs (for scrambled eggs) Steps. Bake with it. If symptoms persist for more than one day, consult with a health care provider on the best course of action. Here is a fun discussion on chowhound: Either way, you will most likely be fine once you get over it. If spoiled soy milk is ingested, it may cause definite symptoms. If you find a cow named soy, maybe can call it soy milk. If milk has soured sitting in the sun or near heat, discard it, as that is spoiled milk, not sour milk, and could harbor harmful bacteria. Drinking any spoiled product may cause stomach problems, and soy milk is no exception. If you have some milk that’s gone sour in the fridge before you were able to drink it, don’t dump it down the drain. What can you do with spoiled milk? If you want to make milk just use two tablespoons of heavy whipping cream and 1 cup cold water. Just drink cows milk because soy doesn't come from a tit then it can't be called milk. Or nothing might happen. It isn't unusual fir either to last a week paste the expiration date. Stomach Ache. Adding a splash of sour milk to soup or stew can make it thicker and richer.

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