Their legal obligation is mainly to their shareholders. Genetic tests are done using a blood or spit sample and results are usually ready in a few weeks. The website offers little explanation of results. But the ads tempted me to dive deeper. A good way to think about genetic testing is as if you’re asking the DNA a question. A version of this article appears in the June 23, 2018 issue of Science News. I also bought the National Geographic Geno 2.0 app through the company Helix. But in March, Myriad refused to release any of their genetic information beyond the test reports, stating that the patients’ genetic information fell outside of the health information that patients can access under HIPAA. This story is part of a series on consumer genetic testing. They are subject to the FTC's protections around privacy disclosures, as well as some FDA standards for how data is used in drug and medical device research. Examples of secondary findings are genes associated with a predisposition to cancer or rare heart conditions when you were looking for a genetic diagnosis to explain a child’s developmental disabilities. I just learned two days ago about another potential biomarker involving growing cells from your skin cells and turning them into neurons. There’s no relative matching, though Geno 2.0 shows which historical “geniuses” may have shared your mitochondrial or Y chromosome DNA. If you have a family history of a genetic condition, have symptoms of a genetic condition, or are interesting in learning about your chance of having a genetic condition, talk to your doctor about whether genetic testing is right for you. Genetic testing companies that trace customers' ancestry are amassing huge databases of DNA information, and some are sharing access with law enforcement, drug makers and app developers. 23andMe alone has tested over 5 million people and shows no signs of slowing down. But you can always ask. If anything, the confidentiality of genetic information may need to be guarded even more stringently than in the ordinary case. However, a major question remains. There are many different kinds of genetic tests. Your family history is also protected. Sometimes we don’t find an answer because we weren’t asking the right question or science just didn’t have the answer yet. But in Canada insurance regulation comes under the jurisdiction of the provinces, so there is some doubt as to whether this ban is constitutional. *Y chromosome and mitochondrial DNA analysis costs extra, Questions or comments on this article? If you aren’t that worried, you should. The big picture: Soup kitchens and charities, usually brimming with holiday volunteers, are getting far less help. Hank Greely: There’s no legal obligation, there’s no ethics governing entity out there. I assume that if anybody wanted to re-identify me they could, but I’m not that interesting, my genetic data is not that interesting, my credit card data is not that interesting, though probably more sensitive than my genetic data. Employers and insurance companies have been known to deny individuals essential health care or employment based on knowledge of genetic disposition. Y chromosome DNA traces a man’s paternal line. But, as far as I can recall, I don’t think you’ve got any specific right to the research-specific findings. Reality check: Commercial DNA-testing services aren't specifically covered by federal privacy rules, such as HIPAA, because they aren't health providers or insurers. However, oftentimes they will find that information out as a result of what they may need to cover. They say, and I believe them, that they won’t share your name, social security number, Visa number, address or email address. On the other hand within the context of a well informed community integrated clinical and social support systems which include counselling services for patients and their families, knowledge of genetic disease or predisposition can lead to better care and management of the patient and ultimately to improved quality of life. But, even if it’s not genetic data, even if all they know is that you’re 39 years old, live in this county and have the following health conditions, for some people, that’s going to be enough to say that’s you and nobody else. And I knew that a company can match people only to relatives in its customer base, so if I wanted to find as many relatives as possible, I would need to use multiple companies. She has a Ph.D. in molecular genetics from Washington University in St. Louis and a master’s degree in science journalism from Boston University. Using birth, death and immigrant records from, I could build a timeline to show when and from where individual ancestors immigrated to the United States.

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