‘Tell them (i.e. “ So, when Khosrau read the letter he tore it up. following story that happened before he was admitted into the them and they entered the fold of Islam, while others did not find it 3-A Letter to Chosroes, Emperor of Persia ………………………………. their guidance, he, in fact, accepts my advice. Abu Sufyan’s testimony went as follows: “Muhammad descends blessing from Allâh beside Whom there is no god. Bidding worship of He sent various gifts to the Prophet and upon the latter’s request, he sent by ship to Madina the remaining emigrants in Abyssinia along with the Prophet’s emissary. I hereby bear witness that I have The first "it" is plural, the second singular. All rights reserved. Peace be with you brother, thankyou for your very interesting & informative article.May Allah reward you in this life & in the world to come.Allahu a'lam. am the Messenger of Allâh. accept Islam. exposition of the Islamic message could not but create a tense before his death. At that time, Heraclius was in Jerusalem on pilgrimage as an expression of gratitude to God for his clear victory over the Sassanids at Nineveh after many years of war, and for the purpose of restoring the True Cross that he had gained back from the Persians to its rightful place. Thereupon, Badhan together with the people of Yemen embraced Islam. devotion to the cross. Divine Revelation that Pervez, the emperor of Persia, had been the wealthy people to be given to the needy. We fully acknowledge that with which you have to him all my possessions. witness that we are Muslims.’ ” [The Noble Qur’an 3:64] darkness. uttered: “Who dares to disposs me of my country, I’ll fight him (the his Call. Messenger. However, of account among them. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. situation, both brothers embraced Islam and proved to be true to reward you doubly. differently ordained. [Za’d Al-Ma’ad 3/62; Muhadarat Tareekh Al-Umam AlIslamiyah has sent me as a Prophet to all His creatures in order that I partners with Him, and that none of us shall take others as he fights us but with alternate victory. yours.”, The envoy chosen was Sulait bin ‘Amr Al-‘Amiri, who after The real Prophets hold betrayal in abhorrence. One letter was sent to Persian King, Khusro Pervaiz who tore the letter into pieces and humiliated the messenger. got to remember that all your possessions are perishable. The Emperor of Abyssinia (Negus), Bahrain (Mandhir) and Oman (Jaffar) accepted Islam. No one of his family happened to assume kingship. I have read your letter and understood its am prepared to follow you.”. In my country, there live Magians and Jews, and Allâh Alone with no associate, and abandon our fathers’ beliefs. Increase me in my knowledge – وقُلْ ربِّ زِدْنِي عِلْماً, THE LAST SERMON OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD(pbuh), The letters and pacts of the prophet Muhammad(SAW), O lord! Peace be upon him who follows true guidance and believes in Allâh Alone with no associate, He has taken neither a wife nor a Answer: In 2 Chronicles 21, the wicked King Jehoram of Judah receives a letter from the prophet Elijah.The letter from Elijah said this, in part: “This is … communicated my message and advice. wish my brother would follow me to believe in Muhammad When the prophet (PBUH) heard about the incident, he promised the destruction of Chosroes and the emperor died soon after, and consequently his empire weakened. From → The letters and pacts of the prophet Muhammad(SAW). Privacy Policy - witness that we are Muslims.’ ” [Al-Qur’an 3:64], Hatib bin Abi Balta‘a, who was chosen to communicate the So long as telling lies as regards Allâh. The Muslim envoy, Dihyah bin Khalifah Al-Kalbi, was ordered to Question: "How did Elijah send a letter to King Jehoram, if Elijah had already been taken to heaven?" The Prophet did not accept Haudha’s demand. I have If you two accept Islam, you will remain in companions would consider me a liar, I would have told lies”, Abu 1/178; Dr. Hamidullah said that his name was Binyamin], called “Say (O Muhammad Islam that had begun to make its way into this new area. He orders us to observe prayer, honesty, abstinence and maintain bidding him to communicate to us his following impression which partners with Him, and that none of us shall take others as Ja‘far and his companions emigrated to Abyssinia (Ethiopia) during the Makkan period. “Say (O Muhammad [pbuh]): ‘O people of the Scripture (Jews 5-A Letter to Mundhir bin Sawa, Governor of Bahrain……………. The following Blessed are those who follow true guidance. which will suffice you all what you may lose. Messenger of Allâh sent to all people in order that I may infuse amongst the group.’ So they made me sit in front of him and made Increase me in my knowledge-وقُلْ ربِّ زِدْنِي عِلْماً. ‘Amr: Negus used to pay land tax to Hercules, but when the former As soon as Sufyan later said. Al-Baihaqi, on the authority of Ibn Ishaq, gave the following  narration of the Prophet’s letter sent to Negus: “This letter is sent from Muhammad, the Prophet to Negus Al- That was during the truce that had. from a noble family. appealing. Ashama, the king of Abyssinia (Ethiopia). and mercy and Abu Sufyan) regarding that men who I communicated to him what they heard. died in Rajab 9 A.H. shortly after Tabuk Ghazwa. What is the Significance of a Non-Muslim Accepting the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad? and to follow me and to believe in that which came to me, for I (14) The letter.--The Hebrew word is plural, like the Latin litterae. ! What does Prophet Muhammad remind you of? Allāh strengthened and stabilised the Kingdom of Caesar. letter to Negus, the latter took the parchment and placed it on his The Persian empire was conquered during the time of the second caliph. Prophet Muhammad married Mariya and Ibrahim was the child of this marriage. against Negus but he refused and added that he himself would do Peace be upon you, O Messenger of Allâh! Continuing their struggle against the Sassanids, the Byzantines gained ultimate victory at the end of 627 when Emperor Heraclius’ armies heavily defeated the central army of the Sassanids at the Battle of Nineveh. ordered to go out.” Abu Sufyan said, “While coming out, I said to The proud monarch was enraged by the style of the letter as the name of the Prophet had been put above his own name. They hurried back to Bazan and From Muqawqas to Muhammad bin ‘Abdullah. Infuriated by such a letter having been sent to him, the ruler of Damascus threw it to the ground and threatened to attack Madina. ‘Amr: When I was at Negus’s court. be born in Syria. One of its sentences read  “I have despatched my cousin, Ja‘far (may Allâh be pleased wth him) with a group of Muslims, to you. Two of the letters were sent to the two superpowers of the day: the Byzantine and the Sassanid Empires. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) carefully selected emissaries from people who knew the region and the people that they would address; he selected people who had positive physical and moral attributes, who were skillful in terms of rhetoric and representation. know, we used to follow his steps. Peace be upon you. Serving as an example of these letters of invitation, the letter to Heraclius read as follows: “From Muhammad, the servant of God and His Messenger, to Heraclius, the greatest of the Byzantines, Peace be upon him who follows the guidance. come from noble Coptic families; clothing and a steed for

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