In the wild you’ll find the majority of yarrow flowers to be white or pale yellow, and wild yarrow is most commonly used for it’s medicinal properties. This herb is named after the great Greek hero named Achilles who fought in the battle of Troy. Achillea is in reference to Achilles, hero of the Trojan Wars in Greek mythology, who used the plant medicinally to stop bleeding and to heal the wounds of his soldiers. This healing weeds prefers dry soil and full sun. If you are opposed to using alcohol, a 3 to 1 mixture of glycerine and boiling water can be used to make a less potent tincture. There are lots of low growing herbs with white flower clusters, but yarrow really stands out in a crowd. Yarrow usually grows between 1 and 3 feet tall. Common yarrow prefers sunny locations on thin, sandy soils although it can grow in part sun conditions as well. Cultivated varieties are garden favourites. These flowers attract bees. is informational in nature. Each cluster consists of 1 or more flower heads. Also, do not forage anywhere that could have been treated with chemical sprays. I will never SPAM you. Yarrow has a sweet and slightly bitter tang. For one thing, Daucus corota (Wild Carrot) does have vaguely similar leaves, but smells of carrot when crushed, and is edible anyway, and for another Conium maculatum (Hemlock) absolutely stinks and you’d be daft to put anything that smells like that in your mouth! If so we are sure you would find our books Wonderful Wildflowers of Wales, vols 1 to 4, by Sue Parker and Pat O'Reilly very useful too. The leaves are alternate, 7cm to 12cm long, with many leaflets on each side of the midrib (1- pinnately lobed); and these are further divided into smaller leaflet. Chop the fresh yarrow that is now starting to wilt into tiny pieces with a sharp knife. Zoey Sky (Natural News) Preppers are resourceful people. They are also knowledgeable and can recognize the usefulness of certain plants, even one as If you have yarrow growing in your pasture or yard, welcome it. Drinking yarrow tea or using the mixture once it is cooled as an astringent wound wash are the most common ways this wild herb is used as a natural medicine. Bring the cup of water and licorice root (if using) to a boil. You can find yarrow in hayfields, livestock pastures and, rarely, along the sides of the road. It is not a separate species nor even a subspecies but rather merely a hereditary colour variant; however, selective breeding in cultivation has enabled nurseries to produce Yarrow cultivars raging through white, cream and yellow to mauve, purple, pink and red. All of the parts of a wild yarrow plant that grow above ground can be used to make natural medicine. Identification, health, The generic botanical name Achillea stems from the belief that Achilles used Yarrow to treat the wounds of his soldiers. How to Identify Yarrow. Plant preparations: Tea, tincture, smudge, poultice. (Related: Your SHTF medicinal herb kit should contain yarrow.). Although in general yarrow is a very nutritious and beneficial plant to add to the diet, it is recommended that this not be consumes in large quantities. Each part of a wild yarrow plant that grows above ground can be used to make natural remedies. Pets exposed to yarrow may experience diarrhea, hypersalivation or vomiting. In a standard rodent model for reproductive toxicity, aqueous extracts of yarrow produced a significant increase in the percentage of abnormal sperm. Disclaimer. EmergencyMedicine.News is a fact-based public education website published by Emergency Medicine News Features, LLC. The only body part that remained mortal and vulnerable was his heel as his mother had held Achilles by one heel. You can use yarrow oil to naturally clear up acne and reduce scarring. The finely divided leaves give it its specificname (millefoilium means 'with 1000 leaflets'). Yarrow can also be dried and used as a cooking herb or prepared like spinach and eaten alone or in recipes. In old superstition they too claimed yarrow protected against malicious forces and used it as an amulet. Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) The biggest difference that yarrow has from poison hemlock is its distinctive frilly, feather-like leaves. Once you’ve actually spotted yarrow, you’ll agree that the look-alikes aren’t really all that close. Flower heads are arranged in large, compact clusters at the top of the stem. There it was told that bringing yarrow into the home was extremely unlucky. Distinguishing Features. Opportunities range from community gardening, species surveying, caring for nature….

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