A Full Remake of Monster World IV for the Modern Day. Strengthen Asha’s equipment to be prepared for the gradually more difficult enemies Asha will face. By going to the shop in Rapadanga City, you can spend GOLD to purchase equipment items such as swords, shields, and bangles. You can follow him on Twitter. That includes series creator Ryuichi Nishizawa (who has returned to lead and direct this new game), original composer Shinichi Sakamoto (who will be producing the game’s sounds, this time around), character designer Maki Ōzora, and creative manager Takanori Kurihara. A Wonder Boy teaser site is currently live with a link for a mailing list, but more information and first gameplay will be revealed during the gamescom Awesome Indies showcase on August 29. In recent years, the Wonder Boy series has seen various remakes and been a global smash hit, and Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is a response to the rising expectations from fans for a Monster Hunter World IV remake. In the west, it will be published by ININ Games. The long-awaited sequel arrives after the success of 2017’s Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap (a remake of 1989’s Wonder Boy III: The Dragon’s Trap), as well as the 2018 follow-up to the series, Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. Wonder Boy - Asha in Monster World is set to release on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch at the beginning of 2021. It is also the first entry in the series to feature voice-overs. By defeating the enemies you encounter during your adventure, you can receive GOLD. Asha returns at last in Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World, a remake of the classic action-platformer Wonder Boy IV. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Asha relaxing on an island by her character designer, Maki Ohzora. The protagonist Asha, who just became a warrior, gets wrapped up in a major event involving the survival of her kingdom. Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is an upcoming, side-scrolling action-RPG developed by Inin and published by G Choice for the Nintendo Switch and Sony Playstation 4, due for release in 2021. After receiving the title of warrior from the Queen, she requests Asha to save the four spirits that protect Monster World. Wonder Boy - Asha in Monster World is being developed by STUDIOARTDINK alongside ININ Games, with members of the original Wonder Boy creative team at the helm. The team is led, and directed, by the creator of the Wonder Boy series, Ryuichi Nishizawa and supported by Shinichi Sakamoto (sound), Maki Ōzora (character design) and Takanori Kurihara (creative management). You can watch gamescom Awesome Indies live starting at 10am Pacific Time right here on IGN, and check out the full gamescom 2020 schedule for everything else we have planned. A Wonder Boy teaser site is … A full reveal with gameplay is set to arrive later this week during the gamescom Awesome Indies showcase, which kicks off at 10am Pacific Time on Saturday, August 29 right here on IGN. In Japan, Wonder Boy: Asha in the Monster World will be published by G Choice, Studio Artdink’s recently announced new game brand. Asha, under Queen Purapril’s decree to save the spirits, sets off on an adventure with the mysterious creature Pepelogoo she met in the capital capital Rapadanga. Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is a platform action game and full remake of the Genesis version of Monster World IV, which was developed by Westone Bit Entertainment and released by Sega as the final entry in the Wonder Boy series in 1994. Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World features various actions that utilize the mysterious creature Pepelogoo. Tom Marks is IGN's Deputy Reviews Editor and resident pie maker. Use the coupon code "GEMATSU" for 5% off. For Wonder Boy - Asha in Monster World, the original staff from the former Westone Bit Entertainment gathered together to create a game that stays true to the spirit of the original games. Wonder Boy: Asha in Monster World is a full remake of the 2D side-scrolling action game Monster World IV with full 3D graphics, significantly enhanced visuals, and further refined gameplay. Asha Asha (アーシャ Āsha, " A'isha ") is the protagonist from Monster World IV, a young girl from Estafan Village that goes to Rapadagna City to become a warrior. It is a 2.5D remake of the sixth entry in the Wonder Boy and Monster World series, Monster World IV, which released in Japan in 1994 and North America and Europe in 2012. In the meantime, you can see a sneak peek at some key art below, with more details about Wonder Boy - Asha in Monster World under that. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without acknowledgment of Gematsu is prohibited. 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IGN is happy to reveal that a new game in the Wonder Boy series, Wonder Boy - Asha in Monster World, has been announced with members of the original development team behind the wheel. After receiving the title of warrior from the Queen, she requests Asha to save the four spirits that protect Monster World. This comment policy is subject to change at any time. With Pepelogoo’s help, Asha overcomes difficulties time and time again. © Copyright Gematsu, Inc. 2008-2020. Will these two two really be able to save the world?

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