Wood Thrush Singing Wood Thrushes are medium-sized, pot-bellied songbirds with dark spotting on their breast, and rich, brick-red coloration on their upperparts. A male can sing over 50 distinct songs! About a week later, generally at dusk, they break into full song. Scientific Classification Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Aves Order Passeriformes Family Turdidae Genus Hylocichla Species Hylocichla mustelina Quick Information Size 18 to 21.5 cm (7.1 to 8.5 inch) long Wingspan 30 to […] BROWSE NOW >>> Listeners with a sharp ear can identify individual birds by the way they repeat their variants of the middle phrase. When Swainson’s Thrushes first return to nest in the woods of the West, or the northern states and Canada, they announce their presence with subtle calls—limpid whit or wink sounds. Free online sfx library. Many rate the Swainson’s Thrush among the finest singers. Wood thrush song. It is a close relative of the American Robin and the other thrushes. There is nothing tumultuous in his song. [Wood Thrush song throughout quotation] I admire the moderation of this master. The wood thrush learns its song from other wood thrushes and sings several. Download and buy high quality Wood Thrush sound effects. “The wood thrush launches forth his evening strains from the midst of the pines. The Thrush in My Woods It’s hard not to love a Wood Thrush — ­­Thoreau called it “a Shakespeare among birds.” We know the Wood Thrush mostly by its strong, clear woodland song. Hello, my name is Lang Elliott and I welcome you to my website, where I feature my products and services as well as my video library, podcast and blog ... all expressions of … Commercial use allowed. Like other thrushes, they have a beautiful, flute-like song, which is commonly heard during spring and summer in … Henry David Thoreau once wrote, "Whenever a man hears it, it is a new world and a free country, and the gates of heaven are not shut against him." Bird noises mp3 download. The wood thrush is medium-sized bird native to North America. Frequently described as “flute-like,” the song of the Wood Thrush sounds more like bursts of sweet electronic music to my ears, especially in the buzzing trill at the end of each phrase. The ethereal flutelike ee-oh-lay song of the Wood Thrush is one of the most hauntingly beautiful sounds in the Eastern forest. Amazing natural bird sounds. Download Wood Thrush sounds ... 98 stock sound clips starting at $2.

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