TRUE - This is the definition of mechanical energy. f. The force is backwards and the displacement is forwards. Energy will not be conserved. The block of mass is subjected to a retarding force of F=0.1J/m We can however definitively say that a physicist classifies forces in order to analyze physical situations in accord with the classification. Which of the following statements are true about potential energy? H. A force is applied by a chain to a roller coaster car to carry it up the hill of the first drop of the Shockwave ride. Home » NEET Physics Objective Questions » 300+ TOP MCQs on Work, Energy and Power and Answers. i. (C) 50 1) View Solution. Chapter 1. g. In a physics lab, an applied force is exerted parallel to a plane inclined at 30-degrees in order to displace a cart up the incline. Yes!! (B) 20m/s Work is a form of energy. Nutrition in Animals Chapter 3. A Gift of Chappals - Solved Exercises, CBSE Class VII (7th) Science | Solved Lesson Exercises, Chapter 8 Motion | Physics | MCQs | Class 9th | - Multiple Choice Questions, CBSE Class VII (7th) English Lesson 1 : Three Questions - Solved Exercises, Chapter 2. J) is the standard metric unit of energy - all forms of energy. Knowing our Numbers:Page 2 Q. 2) View Solution. c. The force is backwards and the displacement is forwards. Part (a): Edexcel Mechanics M2 January 2012 Q3a : ExamSolutions - youtube Video. What is the relation between E, P, and E if E is kinetic energy, P is momentum, and V is the velocity of the particle, Your email address will not be published. A cable is attached to a bucket and the force of tension is used to pull the bucket out of a well. Doing the calculation yields 2 J for object A and 1 J for object B. k. TRUE - Kinetic energy is determined by the equation 0.5•m•v2. If only conservative-classified forces do work, then KEi + PEi = KEf + PEf. The sort of indicates that a force is also considered a conservative force if it does work and does not add mechanical energy to an object. (D) 5000, 5. A 1-kg object is accelerated from rest to a speed of 2.0 m/s. (Note that if the bob was swinging upwards from its lowest position to its highest position, then gravity would be doing negative work.). Include all that apply. Chapter 10. Select the incorrect statement for the given situation: Two bodies with mass m1 and m2 undergo elastic collision j. This is probably best done by performing a calculation of KE and comparing the results: Object B: KE = 0.5•(10.0 kg)•(2.0 m/s)2 = 20. Powered by, CBSE MASTER | NCERT Textbooks Exercises Solutions, NCERT Class VI (6th) Social Science -Geography, NCERT Class VI History - Social Studies (Our Pasts-I), NCERT Class VI Social Science - Social and Political Life-1, CBSE Class VIII (8th) Science | All Chapters Solved Exercises, CBSE Class VI ( 6th) Mathematics Chapter 1 : Knowing our Numbers -Try These (Extra Solved Questions and Examples with in Chapter), CBSE Class IX ( 9th) Science | Chapter 8. g. TRUE - This is the conservation of energy principle and one that you need to firmly understand. When the force and the displacement act in the opposite direction, negative work is done. TRUE - Since force and speed are given, use Power = F•v. j. Two objects of the same mass could have different weights if in a different gravitational field; so it is not appropriate to say that kinetic energy depends upon weight. The cable pulls up on the elevator and the elevator is displaced upward; if the force and motion are in the same direction, then the angle is 0 degrees. f. FALSE - Not only must the force act upon the object, it must also be doing work upon the object. (A) 275J c. FALSE - Gravitational potential energy is dependent upon the mass of the object (PEgrav = m•g•h) but elastic potential energy is dependent upon the spring constant and the compression or stretch length of the spring (PEelastic = 0.5•k•x2).

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