Superman can actually vibrate himself to intagibility; he did it in a fight against Doomsday, and Doomsday couldn't land a single punch. In case, the, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window),, Suicide Squad 2 All Set To Start Filming In Spring 2018, 15 DC Characters Who Can Destroy Superman, 30 Snaps Of Elizabeth Olsen a.k.a Scarlett Witch Prove That She Is A Goddess Of MCU, 41 Sexiest Pictures Of Briana Andrade-Gomes. It could very well be the visual of Shazam debuting in DCEU. Superman is going to kick Zeus's butt if Zeus gives him a good reason to do so. Zues could literally just shoot a lighting bolt down on him and cause his magic is stronger than the wizards he would win. Both of them are some of the best magic users around and and to DC Zeus being weak, well DC Zeus himself was a member of the Quintessence. @krleavenger: I do agree Superman would defeat Captain Marvel in an all out fight. @itachus17: Nope, Captain Marvel has only used magic against Superman once; it was in JLA #29, and I'm unaware of any context involved in their fights. @itachus17: Multiple direct confrontations. However, it might not be either of them. minus energy projection and overall power. Supes has vastly superior combat and reactionary speed feats, and Superman has never utilized his super-speed in any of their fights. A new clip could provide fresh hints. Fans have been minutely scrutinizing every aspect of the new Justice League footage released online, which is pretty much the same set of visuals fine-tuned and freshly colored. It can be seen above that this particular visual of the latest Justice League TV spot shows someone who is producing a huge lightning bolt to hurl at Steppenwolf. Learn how your comment data is processed. Zeus is a god his powers have almost no limits. If you pause the clip carefully several times over then, it becomes clear that the person who wields the lightning bolt is dressed in red with gold-plated armor and something resembling a cape, which hints at Shazam. A longtime member of the Avengers, Hercules has faced some of the biggest threats in the Marvel Universe. This brought about a coalition of the Amazon, human and Atlantean armies to win jointly and that’s a legacy which must be followed by their future generations in the, In case, this battle took place in ancient times then it has to show the troika of major ancient races (Amazons, Atlanteans, and humans) coming together to beat Steppenwolf and protect Earth from meeting the same fate as Apokolips. Some say that shazam has zeus powers plus more so he would win. I would still give Superman a majority tho, since he's smarter and more tactical fighter out of the two. In the DC … Another scene is shown below, we can see that the person with the lightning bolt is battling in tandem with another person wearing a horned helmet and wielding a trident. The only time he used Power of Zeus against Supes was in Eclipso-Supes battle and in JLA comic when sucker-punched him, other than that, in their other fights there is no magic, just pure physical battle and they are equally matched. Justice League hits the theaters on November 17th. As seen in justice league throne of Atlantis. Hope you all enjoy!! Shazam receives his God-like strength, from Hercules, the Roman aspect of the Greek demigod Heracles. The Thor of comics, on the other hand, is a true warrior god possessed of greater essence than mortals, like Ares, Zeus, or Hercules. Shazam! This also clarifies why the old gods (Greek gods) intervened and supported the Earth forces. In case, the Justice League entered the ultimate battle against Steppenwolf severely outnumbered then Batman would be compelled to summon Billy Batson to join the battle. If you are talking about speed/strength/durability, then Superman wouldn't win in this category either, he is as tough and strong as Supes and way faster than him and has powerful magical abilities Superman is not gonna win, unless Billy jobs. I can post so many feats proving you wrong, but i'll just post some scans of DC's Handbooks and Encyclopedia that state that he is as strong and tough as Supes and writers' saying that he is nearly as fast as The Flash. If this Zeus (Marvel) can control Shazam's lightning like DC's can, then it's a murder stomp with no chance for Shazam whatsoever. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Now a new Justice League spot provides a detailed insight into the two aspects of the story: the face-off between the superhero team and the cosmic raider Steppenwolf and the other battle between the army of Steppenwolf and the Amazons of Themyscira which most likely took place in the past. That sets up the scene with Alfred which remains mysterious to keep the fans speculating. You have entered an incorrect email address! Is It Shazam Or Zeus In The Latest Justice League Footage? Otherwise, it's still pretty much in Zeus's favor. Another twist is connected to the Justice League trailer that was revealed during San Diego Comic-Con, and it had shown Alfred speak to a stranger who could have changed the course of the battle. Superman knows Billy is a Kid and holds back. For example, here is a one battle of many, Supes thought Billy was Cyborg Supes(against whom Clark doesn't hold back), and Billy was thinking that Supes was Adam, and they were evenly matched. The warrior with the trident, in that case, could be the Atlantean king Aquaman who is leading Atlantis forces dressed in his full royal armor. He has access to some of his power. @hellionvulcan: One on one against Unbound Spectre, Shazam lost but he manage hold him for 7 pages, @qpzmg: nah not true DC zeus are stated as omniptoent, @jeanroygrant: shazam are for not long time by a writer by twitter stated as omnipotent because he could have the power of all gods. But first of all I want to discredit something that most people put out to say that Zeus would easily defeat Superman. and would beat Shazam 10/10 when it comes to only comparing power. If that be true, then logic says that Batman would try and keep a child out of the cosmic war at least as long as there were other options available. Thursday (Iovis Dies in Latin), in most Romance languages, is named after Zeus' Roman name as well. Context of that fight was it one on one or Shazam with a team with Spectre. @krleavenger: Meh, a couple maybe, but Superman still blows him out of the water. When Shazam uses his lightning or lightning charged punch (which is magical in nature) he hurts Superman because of his vulnerability to magic as it was stated time and time again. Darkseid vs Zeus and Wonder Woman, it's a well drawn and entertaining back and forth fight. The footage of the Amazon battle showed someone on the battlefield, and that hinted at a huge new cameo. Jupiter, the fifth and largest planet of the Solar System, is named after Zeus' Roman name. Zeus stomps and Billy is still not equal to Supes. This brought about a coalition of the Amazon, human and Atlantean armies to win jointly and that’s a legacy which must be followed by their future generations in the Justice League. Even superman one million wouldn't be able to beat zues. As for Supes vs Billy they had battles when neither of them held back. new 52 shazam vs current hercules who i think is dewpowered = shazam wins. Also the feats don't matter in comics when writers write character fight another character, just ask them, they don't care what the said character did in some comics.

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